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Authors: Carrie Mac
free arm as the train started moving.
    Neko dropped his hand, eyes wide with fear.
    “Camera, Neko,” Gryph growled. “I’m warning you.”
    Huy gave Neko a shove and he obscured the camera again.
    “Open the doors!” Phoenix yelled. “Stop the train!”
    The other students on the train yelled for it to stop too, several of them frantically pressing the emergency buttons located at intervals along the wall.
    “Don’t worry,” Gryph said, but only loud enough for Nadia and Phee to hear. “We’ll open the doors before it’s too late.”
    He was putting a show on for everyone else, Phee decided. He knew what he was doing. And for a few seconds, that seemed to be true.
    Tariq and Saul jogged along the platform as best they could as the train sped up.
    “No emergency detected,” the automated voice said. “Passengers are reminded to access security only in the case of an actual emergency.”
    “It’s true!” Nadia screamed, trying to push her way to the door. “Stop the train!”
    “Open the doors,” Gryph finally ordered, and as if he’d broken his own spell, students stormed the doors, trying to pull them open.
    But the doors were jammed, still trapping the boys.
    And the technical failure was system-wide, so the train kept gaining speed.
    “We should be able to get the doors open.” Gryph pushed his way to the door and pulled with all his might.
    The end of the station was coming up, after which the train tracks launched into the air, high above the city.
    “Recalibrating systems. Please stand by.”
    “Stop the train!” Nadia screamed. “Make it stop!”
    “I’m trying!” Gryph and the others tugged hard on the doors, but they would not budge.
    “This isn’t funny, Gryph!” Outside, Tariq stumbled, banging on the train with his free hand. “Come on!”
    “Help!” Saul screamed. Tariq’s expression was one thing, but Saul’s was another entirely. He reminded Phoenix of the people rioting below the shuttle in the no-per zone. Flooded with panic. Fear. Desperation.
    Gryph saw it too. “I’m trying, Saul! Hang on!”
    Phoenix pushed the alarm button nearest her again, but there was still no familiar ding.
    With a primal growl, Gryph yanked on his side and Neko on his, along with the strength of anyone who could gain purchase on the steel doors. “Saul! Hang on!”
    “Systems recalibrating. Do not access alarm until the system has been recalibrated.”
    “Stop the train!” Phoenix pounded on the alarm button anyway, as Nadia screamed and screamed, her face fixed with terror.
    “Pull harder!” Gryph commanded. His face was white, and his arm muscles bulged from the effort.
    Outside, Tariq and Saul stumbled and tripped, trying to stay on their feet. And then the look on Saul’s face fell into sheer despair. Phee turned to see what he was seeing.
    The narrow passage for the train to exit the station was not wide enough for Tariq and Saul to pass through as well. They would smash into the wall, likely leaving their arms inside the train as it sped onto the next station.
    “Pull!” Gryph hollered, and then again as the door shifted a tiny bit. “Pull! Now!”
    Everyone tugged hard, and finally the doors groaned open just enough for Tariq and Saul to fall free. They tumbled backwards and hit the platform hard, just as the train cleared the station.
    “Thank God,” Gryph said. “That was too close.”
    If Phee hadn’t been reeling from what had just happened, she would’ve pounced on his words. How dare he declare his prank too close ? How dare he thank God for fixing a mess he got himself into in the first place?
    “Saul!” Nadia flung herself at the rear window, her hands pressed against the glass. Saul sat up and waved at her, giving her a shaky thumbs-up.
    “Thank God!” Nadia crossed herself. Then she turned and slapped Gryph across the face. “You’re such an asshole, Gryph!”
    “Wow, Nadia. That’s some bitch slap you’ve got.” Gryph poked his tongue at his

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