The Good Girl's Second Chance (The Bravos Of Justice Creek 2)

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Book: The Good Girl's Second Chance (The Bravos Of Justice Creek 2) by Christine Rimmer Read Free Book Online
Authors: Christine Rimmer
lips were a hairbreadth from hers. He had lips like a girl’s, but the rest of him was all man. “I got a request, though.”
    She longed for his kiss. Her heart was beating slow and deep. Sparks flared across her skin. And low in her belly, she seemed to be melting. “Oh, God. Anything.”
    “Work with my brother’s company, Bravo Construction?”
    She made herself focus on what he’d just asked of her—and it wasn’t easy, with those lips of his so close.
    Use his brother’s company...
    She’d left that possibility open-ended when she talked to Manny. But really, why not? Bravo Construction had a great reputation. She felt confident she could develop a solid working relationship with them. It could be good for everyone. “All right.”
    His warm breath touched her lips. The guy was driving her crazy. “I already talked to my sister Nell—just paving the way. Nell says she’ll fit the project in the schedule and they can start work a week from Monday.”
    “That’s quick.”
    “Yeah. And I like to keep it in the family if I can.”
    “I get that.” She tried really hard not to sound as breathless as she felt. “No problem. Bravo Construction it is.”
    “Good, then.”
    “Hmm?” A teasing light shone in his eyes. She realized he knew exactly what he was doing to her.
knew that she couldn’t take it anymore. She only had to lift herself up a fraction higher to get what she wanted. So she did. And it worked.
    At last, he was kissing her.
    * * *
    “Chloe...” Quinn whispered her name right into her pretty mouth.
    And then he let go of her arms—in order to pull her up nice and close. She tasted so good. Hot and wet.
    And all of her, every graceful, sweetly scented inch of her, was so, so smooth.
    Worth the endless, twelve-day wait since the last time he’d had his mouth on hers.
    He lifted his head an inch. She let out a tiny moan, as though she couldn’t bear not to have their mouths fused together. He slanted his head the other way and drank that moan right off her sweet, sweet lips.
    Those slender arms glided up his chest and then her soft hands were stroking his collar, caressing his neck, her slim fingers threading up into the close-trimmed hair at the nape of his neck. He scraped his tongue along the smooth edges of her teeth, pushing deeper, into all that wet sweetness.
    Coffee. Wine. Chocolate.
    There had been women in his life, maybe too many. Especially when he was first making his name in the Octagon. Women liked fighters. And they particularly liked fighters who won. For a while there he’d gotten carried away with all the attention. Beautiful women everywhere he turned, his for the taking.
    But even an endless chain of gorgeous women got old after a while. He started to see that to most of them, he was just a cheap thrill. And he wanted to be more than that to someone.
    He found he wanted heart in a woman. He wanted someone he could talk to. He wanted real, gut-deep integrity. He wanted truth. He wanted a powerful connection.
    Oh, and yeah. Brains and a sense of humor, too.
    It wasn’t that there weren’t women out there with all that. It was just that most of them had no interest in a guy who still couldn’t read past about fourth-grade level, a guy who got bloodied and battered for a living. Plus, when he was fighting, it ate up his life. He didn’t have time to go looking for the one for him.
    And then along came Annabelle. Her life, her happiness, her chance to grow up and take on the world—suddenly that was what mattered to him. To raise his little girl up right was more than enough. He didn’t need that special woman, after all.
    Or so he’d believed until twelve nights ago.
    Until Chloe led him into her house and straight to her bed.
    She had it all—everything he’d already accepted he wasn’t going to find. And no one had ever tasted so good.
    Reluctantly, he broke the kiss.
    She stared up at him, eyes full of stars. “Come

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