Temptation Island

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Authors: C.C. Soltry
his jeep into park.  He remained seated in his car and surveyed his surroundings.  There wasn’t a more perfectly situated house on the whole island.  Most of the homes were built on hills since the island was so steep, but Marek’s home rested on a large, flat hill.  The large lawn reached out on all sides from the house flat for many yards before slowly sloping downward in the front and butting up against a steep hill in the back.
    The old plantation house had the lovely added benefit of facing the water.  Marek could stand at any window in the front of the house and gaze down to the aqua water and white sandy beach.
    Smiling to himself Marek stepped out of his car and stretched his arms high overhead, lifting his shirt.  His hard, lean abs were exposed by the movement.  Glancing at the cloudless sky Marek lowered his arms and walked down the old brick path to the house, touching the flowering shrubs that bordered the walkway as he went.
    When he’d purchased the house after his return from New York City his mother had hounded him mercilessly to plant flowers.  She’d demanded that the proud old lady be given something beautiful to lie at her feet.  It was just like his mother to sentimentalize everything.
    When he’d first bought the house it had been nothing more than a dilapidated old has-been.  But Marek had seen her potential and had spent the next year gutting and renovating until she stood solid once again. He’d painted her a strong yellow to stand out against the surrounding green and had rebuilt the double layered porches that had been crumbling to the ground.
    A rustling in a nearby palm tree caught his attention.  Curious, Marek stopped and waited.  Soon a brilliant blue and red colored parrot flew from the feathery fronds and dashed away. 
    Where else could he ever enjoy such splendor?
    Marek stepped onto the front porch and opened his large double door.  Stepping through and shutting the door behind him Mark sighed in appreciation as the cool air hit him .  Gotta love air conditioning.
    He kicked off his flip flops and stood in the two story entryway for a moment enjoying the sensation of the cool terra cotta tiles against his bare feet.  Dusky pale peach walls surrounded him in the foyer. Vibrant paintings danced along the softly colored surface suffusing the room with energy and life.  Light shimmered through the large window above the front door, emphasizing the open feel.  A balcony wrapped around the second floor landing, open to the room below. And a wide, long staircase split in opposite directions halfway to the second floor landing with the railing painted a glossy cream.
    Padding his way down the open entryway, Marek ignored the wide staircase and headed toward the kitchen at the back of the house.  If he didn’t down some aspirin soon he was afraid his head would explode.
    He made his way along the clear coated hardwood floors through the living room and down a wide, open hallway until he reached a set of French doors.  Pushing through Marek stepped once again onto large, rich terracotta tiles.  He wasted no time in heading to the maple cabinets in search of relief.
    Just as he’d opened the bottle of aspirin the phone on the wall rang.  Marek swore under his breath and marched over to the phone.  He wanted a few minutes of peace and quiet.  Was that too much to ask?  To be left alone for a freaking moment so that he could sort through the mess he was in?
    Ripping the phone off the hook Marek growled into the mouthpiece, “ Oui?   What do you want, mon?”
    “Is that any way to speak to your best man?  I’m hurt Marek, deeply hurt.”
    “Oh, fous le camp Landon.  You have some explaining to do, mon.  I saw your signature on the certificate, on the witness line.  What the hell, mon?  What were you thinking letting me get married?”
    Marek reached for a glass, pulled it down and filled it with tap water.  Landon had better have a damned good

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