Summoning Darkness

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Book: Summoning Darkness by Lacey Savage Read Free Book Online
Authors: Lacey Savage
but he shoved her down and gripped her knees, spreading them open. Luke still kneeled between her legs, but there was enough room for Varin to bend his head from the other direction and sweep his tongue into the soft folds of her pussy. Varin moaned when her flavor hit his mouth. Her cunt tasted like heaven, sweet and slightly musky, better than any pussy he’d ever sampled in his existence. He sucked her labia between his lips and nibbled at it with his teeth while his fingers dug into her thighs, steadying her. She writhed beneath him, her mound grinding against his chin. When he realized he could stimulate her clit with his jaw as he ate her pussy, he quickened his speed, each swipe of his tongue a well-placed motion that had her bucking.
    Unlike him and Luke, Heidi could climax multiple times. Each time, her arousal would add to the magical energy already in the air. Yet even if there’d been enough raw power for him to use to open a portal, Varin knew he wouldn’t have done it. Not at that moment. Not when in the blink of an eye, Heidi’s pussy had become more magical than any spell this side of Heaven or Hell.
    He licked her thoroughly, refusing to leave any part of her cunt undiscovered by his tongue. The whole universe had disappeared while he’d had his head buried between her legs, and when she stilled her movements and ceased panting, he held his own breath, waiting for her climax to hit and praying for the strength to delay his own.

    Luke’s vision blurred as he watched the woman he loved brought to climax by the demon who’d see him hurled back into the depths of Hell. Anger burned in his gut and he clenched his fists at his sides but he couldn’t bring himself to pull Varin off her.
    For all his threats, Varin hadn’t hurt either of them. If Luke had understood correctly, Varin had a chance to open a portal into the Underworld, but had chosen not to take it. And now Heidi insisted on sharing herself with him --with both of them. She knew more about demons than he did. That much was clear from her earlier demonstration, and from the way she’d dived into Hell to find him. If Luke acted on his jealousy and angered Varin, he’d be responsible for what came next. He wasn’t ready to take that chance. Not yet.
    Heidi’s cries echoed off the walls of the room. Her voice tore through his soul, battering his heart. That was real, genuine satisfaction he heard in her voice, no matter how badly he might have wanted to convince himself otherwise.
    Varin lifted his head. Heidi’s juices glistened on his chin and he wiped them away with the back of his hand. Panting, Heidi raised her head and looked straight at Luke. Though he wanted to hold her gaze, Luke glanced away.
    “I’ll explain everything, I promise,” she said. “But right now, I need you here with me.”
    “It looked like you were doing just fine without me.”
    Heidi sighed. She climbed to her knees and scooted close to him. Placing a palm on either side of his face, she claimed his mouth with hers. He tried to resist, but the desire surging through his veins made it impossible for his mouth to remain closed. He parted his lips and her tongue snaked inside. For a brief moment he thought he could taste Varin’s cock and almost jerked away before she delved in deeper, her soft tongue swiping against his, demanding his forgiveness, his trust.
    She pressed soft kisses to the line of his jaw, then to his neck, trailing her lips upward toward his ear. “Sit on the edge of the altar,” she whispered.
    “I need you inside me.”
    What she wanted didn’t become clear until he saw the position she had in mind.
    Luke sat on the altar as she’d asked, his legs hanging over the side. She straddled him, the heat emanating from her pussy warming his stiff cock. He ached to arch upward and impale her on his rod, but he held back, stubbornly waiting for her to make the first move.
    His soul cried out for reassurance, even as the logical part of his brain

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