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Authors: Erin Lark
thought better of it. Some things aren’t worth remembering.
    Light footsteps padded into Dylan’s room, too soft to belong to my Master, but just right to fit Marnie. She poked her head into the bathroom just as I was buttoning my blouse.
    Her cheeks darkened, and she broke eye contact. “Sorry.”
    I finished zipping up my skirt and gave myself a once-over in the mirror. My hair needed a good washing, and given the dark circles under my eyes, I’d barely slept. “Fuck, I look like hell.” I glanced over at Marnie, whose hair appeared to be a lot better than mine.
    “Good night?” Marnie’s eyes wrinkled at the corners when she smiled, her hands clasped in front of her.
    “Something like that.” I trailed off and stared at the tiled floor. “Thank you for helping last night.”
    “No need to apologise. Master told me what happened with…” Now it was her turn to trail off. So, Dylan had told her about Anthony and his collar. I supposed it would’ve happened eventually, but I still wished he had spoken to me about it first. “I don’t know all the details, only that Master wants to help in whatever way he can.”
    I released a breath I hadn’t known I’d been holding. Thank God for that, then. I didn’t feel like explaining Anthony—or myself—if I could help it.
    “There’s a brush under the sink.” Marnie nodded to the small cabinet.
    I crouched in front of it, sighing around my relief when I not only found a brush, but toothpaste, new toothbrushes and other toiletries as well. “Dylan’s prepared, isn’t he?”
    Marnie bobbed her head when I looked up at her, her shoulders relaxing just a little bit. “He keeps them for his subs and any of the Doms who tend to drop by when they’re in town. According to him, it’s the small things you need to look out for.”
    After pulling my hair up, I placed the items back in the cabinet and made my way into the bedroom. “Where is Dylan anyway?” I called over my shoulder, walking up to one of the windows and opening the blinds.
    “Work.” Marnie busied herself by making the bed, and I had to wonder if she’d noticed all of the condoms inside the trashcan. “He should be home soon. Had some paperwork he needed to fill out.”
    “On a Saturday?” I didn’t take my eyes off the window, staring out at what appeared to be their backyard. A small vegetable garden hugged the rear of the house. Beyond that were a set of chicken hutches, but I couldn’t see any of the birds. Just another way for Marnie to keep herself busy. “What kind of employee works on a Saturday?” I knew I'd done it in the past, but I was self-employed and made my own hours.
    “Master does sometimes, but only when it’s important.” Marnie came over to join me, resting her palms on the windowsill. “One of his clients needed some paperwork drawn up before Monday. He doesn’t like it, especially when he’s breaking in a new sub, but it pays the bills.” She shrugged, dismissing his absence altogether.
    “And has he broken me in yet?” I stared at her reflection in the window. Her eyes flickered before she looked away. “What is it?”
    “Master asked me not to discuss it without his permission.”
    I turned to face her. “Does my being here make you uncomfortable?”
    “No.” She didn’t move, keeping her eyes on the window. “At least, not in the way you’d expect. Master has given me a home, a task—a livelihood. He keeps me busy, and when he’s alone, I do the same for him. I don’t mind any of the others he brings in, but you’re different.”
    “How do you mean?”
    “You’re going to stay with us, aren’t you?” Her voice was flat, the edges dripping with disappointment.
    I shook my head. “I don’t think I’m ready to do the twenty-four-seven relationship thing with another Dom. Not yet, at least. I…” I need my space. I needed an escape, and going home was the best thing I could think of.
    Marnie squeezed one of my hands before dropping

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