Spanked by an Angel [Notorious Nephilim 1] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour)

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Book: Spanked by an Angel [Notorious Nephilim 1] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour) by Carolyn Rosewood Read Free Book Online
Authors: Carolyn Rosewood
Tags: Romance
“Don’t cry, Abigail,” he whispered. “You’re perfect.”
    “So are you.”
    “Don’t move.”
    He rose again, walked over to a tall stand in another corner, and returned with condoms and a small bottle. A fresh shiver of desire shot through Abigail’s body as he knelt and rolled on a condom.
    He covered her body with his and kissed her, roughly this time. She wrapped her legs around him as he slid inside. When she raised her hips, he shoved a pillow under her ass and sat back on his heels while he thrust, looking into her eyes and massaging her breasts. Abigail clung to his arms as he pumped inside her.
    The orgasm that had been building before washed over her, forcing screams from her throat as the contractions filled her entire body. Emmett continued his thrusting, his hands on her breasts. As another climax began to build, he pulled out and flipped her onto her stomach, then slipped his cock inside her pussy again. Abigail ground her vulva into the cushion underneath while Emmett’s hands massaged her ass gently.
    “He spanked you hard. You’re starting to bruise.”
    “I’m all right.”
    He chuckled low in his throat as he continued to fuck her. She heard movement then felt a warm, wet finger slide along her ass crack.
    “If you don’t like this, just tell me, and I’ll stop.”
    Before she could ask what he meant, Emmett circled her anus with the lubed finger. She moaned and forced her body to relax, determined to at least let him put one finger in. She’d never had anal sex and was afraid of the very idea, but she trusted him.
    He took his time, inserting his finger so slowly she didn’t feel any pain, only a slight stinging sensation for a few seconds. Soon her ass was filled with the same delicious warmth as her pussy. He fucked it with one finger while thrusting inside her with his swollen shaft.
    Abigail screamed as her orgasm drew close. When Emmett slipped his other hand underneath her pussy and massaged her clit, she exploded in a dizzying array of fireworks and flashing lights. Her cries of pleasure echoed around the room as the contractions filled her entire being. She heard the sound of a condom being removed, then hot cum squirted on her ass crack as he grunted and moaned behind her.
    He rolled her to the side and pulled her into his arms, then stroked her hair and back while the sweat cooled on their bodies. His scent and the soothing music lulled her into a state of total relaxation.
    When Emmett stood and crossed the room, she was too tired to lift her head to see where he went. He returned and pulled her into his arms again, so she offered her mouth to his, letting his soft, sweet kisses overtake her senses as they had earlier. His cock was rock hard again, and when he gently pushed her head toward it, she eagerly took it into her mouth.
    “Oh, Abigail,” he gasped, “that’s incredible.”
    No one had ever told Abigail she gave good blow jobs. She usually gagged and couldn’t seem to figure out what to do. Again she was seized with a sense of power and control at being able to pleasure him in such a way. She relaxed her throat to take more of him inside, sliding her tongue along his quivering shaft as she sucked hard.
    He held on to the back of her head and tangled his fingers in her hair. She knew he was close to coming and braced herself for it, but he pulled out and pulled her into his arms again instead. Lifting one of her legs, he plunged his cock into her pussy.
    She wrapped her leg around his waist and clung to his shoulders while he thrust inside her, impossibly fast. Each stroke massaged her clit, and she didn’t even have to try this time. The climax was blinding, overpowering, sending her into a frenzy of desire and need. She cried out his name as the waves tore through her like nothing she’d ever experienced before. When he came, she felt his orgasm with every fiber of her being. It went on forever, and he held her close, whispering her name.
    * * *

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