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Authors: Roger Hayden, James Hunt
their stare, but he took his time. While most agents were about speed, he was only concerned with accuracy. He’d been around long enough to know that when it came down to national security, having a spotless, consistent record with no fuck-ups would beat out the rest. After all, it was how he made it to where he was.
    “Care to share your intelligence?” Cooper asked.
    “In a moment, Agent Cooper. I’d like to make sure I understand what you understand first.” He looked up from the file, smiling. “We wouldn’t want to rush to any false conclusions. Not with a matter like this at hand.”
    “Rushing to conclusions?” Cooper asked, squinting her face in a questionable glance. “You mean like the release of the captain of the boat that escorted the terrorists and their bombs into the country?”
    Perry returned his concentration to the file. “If you really think that man, with his history of alcoholism and TV dinners, is a member of a terrorist group, I would say that there would be no problem with your application to Homeland being overlooked during the admission process. Or did you think I didn’t already know everything about you, and everything about anyone worth a damn or who threatens our way of life?”
    Despite the snide comment, which normally would have had anyone else back down, Cooper snatched the file from his hands and slapped it back down on the table. “Who the fuck do you think you are?”
    Perry offered a polite smile, while her partner pulled her back. She eventually stormed off on her own steam, leaving Diaz and Perry alone. “Is she always like that?”
    “She just got off a job,” Diaz said. “We weren’t even supposed to be here.”
    “And yet, here you are.” Perry picked the file back up and finished thumbing through it. “She’s been undercover quite a bit. You think she’s burnt out?”
    “Honestly? I still don’t know how she’s sane. Nobody’s been on as many undercover operations as she has. There are guys who lose their minds after one sixth-month stint, and I’ve seen her do at least a half dozen of those. She’s a fighter. Fighters are passionate.”
    Perry tossed the file back on the ground, and his phone rang. “Perry.”
    “We have a fire just south of Boston. Local PD are on the scene, but it looks like we’ve got a lot of traction. Three vans, big tire tracks leading into the city, and the dogs picked up a scent heading into the swamps.”
    “Pull a stats report of all the different routes that truck could have taken, and then track every available camera on those routes. I want video, goddammit.” Perry hung up the phone then walked to Diaz until he was nose to nose. “Do you trust your partner?”
    “Of course.”
    “Even with all the rumors circling her? The kickbacks, the fact that half of the agents in the DEA think she’s been undercover for so long that her head’s not on straight?”
    “There isn’t another person I would trust my life with, sir.”
    Perry shook his head, brushing past Diaz. “My director spoke with your boss, and they’ve reached an agreement that we should combine our resources to find out what’s going on. I’ll need your man power.” He was almost out the door before he called back, “Better go find your partner. We’ve got work to do.”

Chapter 6 – Saturday 7:30 a.m.
    Kasaika peeled his dirty clothes off and washed and cleaned himself, but even after the soap and cold water, he still couldn’t remove the stench of the swamp off him. Once dry, the alarm on his watch went off, as it did five times every day. He pulled out his mat and went to the living room, where the rest of his comrades waited. He expected to see them cleaned, washed, and ready for their morning prayers, but every single one of them, including Sefkh and Zet, were loading ammo, checking their weapons, or stuffing their face with food. “What is this?”
    The only ones that stopped their actions were Sefkh and Zet. “We need to hurry,

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