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Authors: H. P. Mallory
thing I was certain regarding this woman: she would make things tougher for me. She wasn’t a fan of mine by any stretch of the imagination—I could read as much in her eyes. She viewed me purely as an enemy, not as the queen’s sister.
    And, rightly so.
    I faced my sister again and realized I needed to make a decision before my slim chance of freedom was rescinded just as quickly as it had been offered. Okay, I thought to Jolie, having a hard time consenting to further submission . Some freedom is better than none, I guess.
    Jolie smiled optimistically, holding my gaze for a few seconds before she faced the rest of the room. “My sister has agreed to accepting a guardian appointed by me.” She inhaled and glanced around the room, as if trying to decide who would make a good one. “Would anyone like to volunteer for the position?”
    With the exception of Sinjin and Rand, all the other men in the room raised their hands immediately. I shook my head and sighed with exasp eration. Glancing at the fae king and then the werewolf beside him, it was more than obvious to me that I’d now have to deal with egos that were way out of control, tied with machismo. And on top of that, I’d also probably have to ward off the sexual advances of whomever my sister chose to leave me with. One thing I’d repeatedly heard regarding the male creatures of the Underworld was that they couldn’t control their libidos. But luckily for me, and unluckily for them, I knew how to defend myself.
    “Ah would like ta offer mahself for the position,” the fae king announced, nodding. His long mane of golden hair hung around him like a thick curtain.
    “And I also volunteer,” the stocky were beside him piped up, with pursed lips and a hard expression. “A wolf can keep her in line better than any other creature.” Yep, this one definitely intended to give me a hard time; but hopefully, my sister wouldn’t consider that a good thing. I absolutely didn’t want to be left in his charge. There was just something about him that seemed sneaky and untrustworthy.
    “There is no creature more powerful than the vampire,” the gaunt vampire with the orange hair retorted with a snide look at the werewolf. The differences regarding the factions of the creatures of the Underworld were just as obvious as they were between my own people. In general, Daywalkers and Elementals didn’t exactly like each other, but tolerated one another just because we were ordered to. Any unions between the two, however, were strictly forbidden.
    “My sister will require a guardian both day and night,” Jolie continued, taking turns facing everyone in the room. Then she glanced at Sinjin and her expression softened. It was clear that she harbored some sort of soft spot for the incorrigible vampire. “I’m appointing you, Sinjin, to watch over Bryn during the evenings.”
    “My queen,” Sinjin said as he took a step toward her. I sensed an argument in his tone, which irritated me. Especially, when it seemed like everyone else was frothing at the bit for the opportunity to become my keeper. “As I am your protector …” he began, still addressing my sister.
    But Jolie shook her head and gave us both a strange, knowing smile. “Klaasje is perfectly able to protect and defend me,” she continued as she glanced at the dark-haired, pretty vampire and smiled. Then s he returned her attention to me, before focusing entirely on Sinjin. “I don’t trust anyone to watch my sister as much as I trust you, Sinjin.”
    He cleared his throat and shook his head. “I appreciate the compliment, my queen, but I must argue in support of my continuing to protect you.” He was quiet for a second or two. “You, my queen, are of the utmost importance …”
    I huffed out my irritation, not exactly glad to be considered less “important” than my sister. But I reminded myself that I had no interest in Sinjin becoming my guardian anyway. Of all the people I’d met here thus far,

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