Rush: A MacKenzie Family Novella (The MacKenzie Family)

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Book: Rush: A MacKenzie Family Novella (The MacKenzie Family) by Robin Covington Read Free Book Online
Authors: Robin Covington
Olivia reached out and wrapped her fingers around the wide girth of his dick, joining his own slow strokes up and down the shaft. She dragged her gaze from his to their movement, lifting up to lick the pre-cum pearling on the tip.
    She moaned at the salty sweet taste of him and he gasped, his entire body tensing for a moment before relaxing enough to give her control. Olivia slipped a hand around his ass cheek and nudged him closer, encouraging him to thrust as she licked him up and down, lingering over the vein bulging just under the flushed skin, knowing it would only make him harder.
    “I want to fuck your mouth,” he half requested/half demanded as he dropped his grip on his cock and traced the tip of it over her lips.
    She shivered, loving how he wanted her. It was primal and dirty and real.
    “I wish we had time to play at Club D,” she whispered as she cupped his balls and caressed the sack with her mouth and fingers.
    He jerked and growled a little bit, a rumbling she felt deep in her own sex as she squirmed under him. Damn, she was getting close again. Just the feel of him on her lips, the taste on her tongue, his dark, earthy scent surrounding her.
    “Fuck yes,” he agreed, taking himself in hand to press inside her lips, slowly and a little bit at a time. She wasn’t sure if he was teasing himself or her, but it worked. “I’d take you in front of everyone, letting them watch as you came apart under me. I’d find a third, maybe Carla, loving the view as I worked myself in and out of your pussy.”
    He thrust into her mouth as his words spun around them in the heated, humid air of the gym. Olivia relaxed, trusting him as she had so many times before to always push her to the edge of her comfort zone but never beyond. Her lips were wrapped around his cock and she loved the stretch due to his size, the heft of him on her tongue.
    She reached down between her legs and stroked her own aching flesh in time with his movements. She was so close, so achingly close to another orgasm that her eyes fluttered shut at the first touch.
    “Open your eyes and look at me, Livvy.” It was a common demand of his, wanting that connection between them. Sometimes she needed it too and sometimes it was too much, forcing her into a headspace she wasn’t always thrilled to be in. That place forced her to face her true feelings and the knowledge that he didn’t feel the same way.
    His gaze was brutally dark, filled with all of the hard things that made him who he was. Pain and cynicism warred with the edges of tenderness and the fire of his desire. She saw everything he was in that moment—a man who’d been hardened by life but would accept kindness and affection from only a few. Not because he wanted to be cruel but because he didn’t trust it.
    But it was also clear that he wanted her. He cared deeply for her. But there was no love on his part.
    Atticus wasn’t built that way.
    “You need to come again?” he asked, snapping her back to the present as his thrusts into her mouth sped up. “Are you touching that sweet pussy? Wishing it was my tongue, my lips? Slide your fingers inside and pretend it’s me fucking you, baby.”
    She moaned, letting her eyes slide shut this time and keeping them that way. She planted her feet on the ground, bending her knees as she slid two fingers inside her, plunging in and out in time with his own hard pace.
    “Come on, Livvy.” His finger glided along her cheekbone and she opened her eyes, watching the sweat roll down his face and naked chest, taking in the strain in his muscles as he fucked her. “I’m so close, baby. Come one more time and I’ll blow, I swear.”
    It was too much. Atticus taking her mouth and her own hand finding all the places that would get her off fast. The orgasm was hard enough to bow her back off the mat and she writhed underneath the small part of his weight she did carry as he straddled her. His thighs were trembling with his effort not to crush her and

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