Roused (Moon Claimed)

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Book: Roused (Moon Claimed) by Lilou Roux Read Free Book Online
Authors: Lilou Roux
thrust . Seth groaned and Erin gasped, overwhelmed by the incredible sensations of finally being joined like this and by his words. Seth didn’t move but looked down at her instead. And the look he gave her, so deep and tender and full of love, pulled her love out of her shadows and into his light. “You deserve love.” Seth kissed her nose and her heart throbbed inside her chest, beating painfully but strong. “And you have mine.”
    Before she could react – although she didn’t know how to – and before she could utter a word, he held her close and rolled them over so she was on top of him.
    He was giving her free reign, the control to do whatever she wanted. The decision was in her hands. Erin stared down at him, searching his face and his eyes, for what she didn’t know. But she found sincerity there – and love. It was so clear and honest, it made her throat tighten up. Her blood was burning and now her heart was as well.
    She leaned down, her eyes never leaving his as she touched her lips to his. But closed them as their tongues played, slowly, erotically but also so tenderly…she had never been kissed like this before, had never kissed anyone like this before. For the first time her heart soared. And she slowly began to move on him even as silent tears ran down her cheeks. He kissed them away and cupped her face before letting his hands roam, stoking their desire to a height she had never known. Pure and intimate.
    Erin groaned, sitting up and let her head fall back. He felt incredible inside of her, stretching her. Keeping the pace slow, she enjoyed the feeling of him sliding in and out of her, enjoyed seeing his jaw clench, his hands gripping her thighs as their breathing became heavier. But as their fire consumed her and her body grew closer and closer to the blissful edge, slow wasn’t an option anymore. They locked gazes, veiled with lust, while Seth’s hand moved between her thighs where his thumb rubbed her clit. Her body tensed and Erin couldn’t breathe, could only cry out his name, when flames of pleasure shot through her veins and her climax hit, her muscles gripping him tight.
    Seth pushed into her, meeting her hips one more time, and shouted, plunging as deep as he could go as his release shot into her. Collapsing on top of him she listened to his galloping heartbeat that matched her own.
    “Did you ever dream of me?” Her words were a soft whisper in the night after their breathing had finally slowed.
    “Yes. I have for a long time.”

    “If that isn’t a lovely smile, then I don’t know what is.”
    Erin looked at Joanne.
    The two of them were at the lake in the forest, where tonight Tess and Nathan’s bonding ceremony would take place. Erin was preparing fire baskets and torches, while Joanne took care of flower arrangements, which in her new witchy world meant that Joanne coaxed the flowers naturally growing in the forest to form lovely bouquets and even a kind of pergola. The aisle for example was a soft carpet of white anemones.
    Erin shrugged. She knew she hadn’t stopped smiling ever since her first night with Seth, she couldn’t help it even though she was also a little scared by the intensity of her feelings for him which still seemed to grow with every day that passed. The first time in her life she was in love. She even was in a relationship. But most of all she was happy and that realization brought a comfort, a balm for her soul, that made her smile.
    Joanne chuckled, her knowing eyes sparkling. She stepped back from her work and asked, “Do you think she’ll like it?”
    Erin joined her and took a look as well, cocking her head slightly. “Yes. She will love it. Well, we better head back before she wonders where we are.”
    The two women parted ways at the edge of the forest and Er in headed to her cabin to change. Her dress was a lovely green, flowing past her ankles and with transparent lace covering her arms and back. It was a shame Seth wasn’t here to

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