Ropes and Dreams

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Authors: Bailey Bradford
what he’d like. What any man with a damn pulse liked. It wasn’t something he did often, but he could do it well enough. Ian prised Drake off him and spun them both around. He nudged Drake back a few steps. When he was close enough for it, Ian caught Drake at the waist and shoulder. “Lean back,” he ordered.
    Drake’s eyes bugged but he let Ian guide him onto the table. Ian had to shove aside a plate but other than that, there wasn’t anything in the way. He unfastened Drake’s jeans.
    “What are you doing?” Drake asked, his voice squeaking and hitting a higher octave than Ian had heard him use before. “You can’t—”
    Ian pulled down the zipper tab, keeping his gaze on Drake’s. “I can. I have condoms, and you need to know I meant what I said.”
    “I believe you,” Drake rushed out, but Ian could see the doubt in the man’s expression. “You don’t have to fuck me to prove it.”
    Ian grinned, and even to him, it felt predatory. “I’m not going to fuck you to prove it. I’m going to blow you until you scream—not just to prove it, but because I want your cock in my mouth.”
    “Oh gosh, I—”
    “Gosh?” Ian couldn’t help but ask. He regretted it when Drake blushed furiously and tried to get up. “I’m not making fun, Drake. Please don’t think that I am. I’m just used to more…ribald words during sex, that’s all. I like yours better,” he declared, taking a quick kiss.
    Except the kiss wasn’t so quick, because Drake offered his mouth, parting his lips. Ian wasn’t turning that down. He gave them both what they wanted, then left Drake breathless and pliant. Ian tugged his pants down enough to get Drake’s big cock out. “Fuck, you’ve got a fantastic dick,” he murmured, tracing one of the veins running down the length. “You ever fuck someone with this monster?”
    Drake jerkily shook his head. “I like to bottom,” he whispered.
    “Thank God,” Ian said with more than a little relief. He didn’t care to bottom. Even a finger in his ass was uncomfortable. A cock the size of Drake’s would kill him.
    Drake wiggled and Ian tugged his pants down farther. “Pick your hips up so I can see your ass and balls.”
    “I—you—” Drake sputtered.
    Ian narrowed his eyes at the man. “I don’t beat around the bush, no. I ask for what I want, and if you let me, I’ll demand what I want. What you want.” Ian got Drake’s pants down around his knees. He palmed Drake’s balls, measuring their weight in his hand. Large and furry, Ian’s favourite. He licked them and Drake yelped.
    Ian grinned and raked his teeth over them. Drake’s moan had to have been heard all the way out to the bunkhouse. Ian did it again, then he left off tormenting Drake long enough to dig the condoms from his back pocket.
    Drake eyed him warily. “You always carry those?”
    “Not on me, no, but I was hopeful…” He tore one off the strip. He was going to show Drake that he was still desirable, then he was going to get the man to talk to him.

Chapter Five
    Drake couldn’t believe what was happening. He’d told Ian about Rigo and that whole nightmare, but Ian didn’t seem turned off. In fact, he was tearing open the condom package.
    “Ian—” he began, but he couldn’t bring himself to tell Ian once again that he had nothing to prove. Obviously, Ian felt otherwise, and arguing was stupid since Drake wanted Ian’s mouth on him. The condom would probably dull the sensation some. Drake didn’t know—he’d never had one on during a blow job before.
    “So beautiful,” Ian said quietly as he held Drake’s cock up. “Put this on.” Ian handed Drake the condom. Before Drake could wonder if Ian was scared to do it himself, Ian bent and sniffed his balls.
    Drake let loose a mortifying yelp. He’d never had anyone sniff him there before! Then Ian chuckled, and his breath wafted over Drake’s nuts. Drake’s balls tingled and drew up. His hands shook as he got the condom

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