Real Women Eat Cake: A Yellow Rose Cozy Mystery (Yellow Rose Mystery Series Book 1)
radio station that morning and they'd stopped by the bakery on their way there.”
    “Which is where she clubbed him in the back of the head with the tripod from the news van they used for video shoots,” Martin said.
    “Yes. She wiped it down, but there were still small traces of blood on it to provide the police with forensic evidence. Shortly after, she called her boss at the newspaper and said Toby had gotten upset over something and taken off on foot.”
    “And when Toby told Molly about his affair, she'd gotten upset and sought refuge at Lake Travis.”
    “Why there?” Betty asked.
    “That was the place where she and Toby went to get away from everything. Apparently, she felt safe there.”
    “Which she was. Until Debra's two goons grabbed her. Who were they, anyway?”
    “Two brothers on parole who Toby had done a story on awhile back. Roane and Albin McClatchy. Their names were listed on the police report. They needed the money that Debra offered them, though, of course, events didn't turn out as they'd hoped. After seeing both Debra's car and the goons' vehicle at the warehouse, I called the police. If nothing else, the cops could charge the McClatchy brothers with assault from when they attacked me.” Martin rubbed the edge of his face, remembering.
    “You said earlier that Debra had gone to see someone at a local Texas Health & Life Insurance agency,” Betty said. “What was that about?”
    “I'm not positive, but I think Debra at least suspected that Toby might stay with his wife. As a sort of consolation prize for herself, she took out a life insurance policy on him, but forged his signature on the paperwork. Somebody along the way got suspicious and flagged the policy for review before the payout was authorized.”
    Martin pulled the casserole from the oven and served up portions for himself and Betty. He placed the bread he'd brought along with a vegetable dish on the table and the two sat and ate.
    After several bites Martin said, “I'm glad you finally got the wiring problem resolved. How'd that come about?”
    Betty rolled her eyes and let out a deep sigh. “John Able from the county office called. Seems that one of the new hires mistakenly identified the building I'm in as having wiring that's not up to code. In actuality, the building a block over was the one that needs upgrading.”
    Betty nibbled on some of the artisan bread that Martin had made.
    “At least Stella's cake will be ready in time for the store's opening on Monday,” she said. “With everything else going on, I almost forgot I have a cake to make for someone's wedding.”
    "You worry too much," Martin said.
    "I tend to think I worry just the right amount. Not too much, not too little. I'm like Goldilocks in that respect."
    Martin let out a hearty laugh.
    Betty looked off into the distance. “I do wish, though, that I'd done things differently with Brianna when she was growing up. Her personality's so differently from that of her sister.”
    Martin poured himself a few more ounces of wine. "Let me tell you a story."
    "Does it have a happy ending?" Betty asked.
    "It's about two men from long ago who lived in Africa."
    "I prefer the one that starts with, A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away , but I promise to listen carefully."
    "One day an African prince walks outside and stares into the darkening sky. 'I'd planned on hunting today,' he tells his aide. 'The coming rains will ruin my plans.'
    "'Who's to say?' the aide tells his prince. 'Life is full of surprises. Let's wait and see what happens.' Sure enough, the rain comes and lasts for days. The villagers collect enough water to last them through a drought that continues throughout the summer.
    "Time passes. Soon it is spring and one morning the young prince goes off on a hunt. His escort, who was supposed to be in the lead and clearing the way of errant animals, gets

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