Purge: Book Three: Last Days Trilogy

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Authors: Jacqueline Druga
who was unfamiliar with the gesture, responded by waving back at him. Finally, Reggie spoke up. “Michael, Buzz has a question.”
    Buzz let out a “whew,” and shook his head. “Thanks, Reg.” He rubbed his arm. “Michael, you said only weapons from the ground will work against them.”
    “Yes,” Michael replied. “No guns.”
    “Well what about us?” Buzz asked. “Will guns kill us? Because they’re gonna have guns.”
    “They may or may not. But yes, man’s weapons will kill you. Marcus has worked hard on a solution for that. Though man’s weapons will work on you, they will not work on me. Nor... while she is one with me , will they work on Reggie.”
    “No way,” Buzz argued.
    “Yes. They will not kill her. We are as one. She is protected,” Michael insisted. “Try it Buzz. You carry that weapon. Shoot Reggie.”
    Reggie gasped. “What? No!”
    Marcus stepped forward. “Michael, that’s not a good idea.”
    “You doubt me,” Michael stated. “Buzz will prove your doubt wrong. Buzz, shoot Reggie.”
    Clenching her jaws, Reggie tugged on Michael’s arm. “We’re not as one yet.”
    “Yes, Reggie we are. Believe me. We train. We date...”
    “Michael! I’ll die.”
    “No, you will not.” He looked back to Buzz. “Will you?”
    “All right.” Buzz stood up. “Reg, how about I aim low.” He pulled out the revolver.
    “How about you not aim at all?” Reggie backed up. “Michael, this will not...”
    The gun went off. Reggie spun and fell face-first to the ground. Buzz shrieked along with everyone else and dropped the gun. “Oh, shit. Reggie!” He flew to her, but not before Marcus.
    “Reggie,” Michael looked down at her, annoyed. “Get up!”
    As Marcus touched her shoulder, Reggie rolled over with a smile. “Gotcha.” She opened her hand; a shell lay in her palm.
    Marcus’ jaw dropped.
    Michael reached out to help Reggie to her feet. “Everyone, we shall go to the stone and see if the earth provides your weapons. Herbie, please lead the way.”
    Instead of following the others, Buzz approached Reggie and Michael. “That was pretty impressive, Reg.”
    Reggie just nodded, still looking at the slug in her hand.
    “Michael,” Buzz said. “I need to talk to you. Tomorrow, a few of us won’t be training.”
    “Why is that?” Michael asked.
    “There’s this priest who’s been staying put near Burton City. He has all these kids he’s brought into an old church. They are kids without parents. We’ve been bringing them food every couple days. We have every intention of taking these children permanently, but for now, they’re safe. It’s time to check on them again. So tomorrow, we’re doing that.”
    “That is no problem,” Michael said. “But why should you wait? We shall go get this priest and children and bring them to the safety of our camp. After you check for your sword, Reggie and I will accompany you.”
    “Hey, sounds great.” Buzz grinned. “I’d like them here. Thanks.” He took off running with the others.
    “Come, let’s...” Michael looked to Reggie. She was grinning, still looking at the bullet. “Reggie?”
    “How come I’m not dead?”
    “We are one.” He folded her hand around the bullet. “I feel it in my soul.” Michael walked off to join his new army.
    Marcus winced as he watched Reggie’s face. “Reg.”
    Reggie held up her hand and whiffed out an irritated breath. “I do not believe this. Does it have to do with me not wearing a skirt?”
    “Your Dad isn’t.”
    Reggie rolled her eyes. “I’m trying to stay calm.”
    “You aren’t doing well at it.”
    “That’s because I can’t!” She raised her voice and ignored Marcus, who tried to silence her. “Some of these men are assholes. Do they pull a sword? Yes!”
    “Reg, maybe it’s a chauvinistic thing. None of the other women pulled swords.”
    “Marcus, they didn’t try. They aren’t fighting. They’re nurses. And my dad’s too old to battle, but he

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