Private Tuition

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Book: Private Tuition by Jay Merson Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jay Merson
feeling the red welts left by the cane. He traced his finger along the crease of her buttocks, lingering on the tight entrance to her anus. Paula groaned her disapproval as she realised his intentions. He toyed with her, leaving her wondering if his big finger would violate her tight little hole. She felt the pressure increase and his finger entered slightly, his other had moved to her hard clitoris and began rubbing it softly. The finger pushed in fully and the rubbing on her hardened bud increased, the combination of sensations in her body began to bring her towards orgasm. She gasped, moaning her pleasure and began to tense her body. He stopped, withdrew and again inserted the huge cock-like dildo inside her pussy and began pushing it up her. The sudden change in the sensations had a marvellous effect on Paula, thrilling and exciting, teasing and prolonging her pleasure.
    "Oh god!” Paula sighed as the length of it pushed up inside her.
    "You wanted lots of cock my little bitch, so you can have it."
    He began moving the great phallus in and out of her. With her hands gripping the bed-head firmly, she again began to take up the motion of the thrusting inside her, panting and breathing fast as the pace increased. It was better this time, she didn't fear it, she welcomed its pounding action. On and on he abused her, forcing the dildo into her. His free hand grabbed her hair roughly and crushed her mouth against the tip of his erect cock. Moaning loudly as her body moved, she opened her mouth and took as much of his cock inside as she could. It was wonderful! She sucked and enjoyed the firm warm shaft of his rigid cock. Combined with the thrusting inside her, she was lost in a heady, sexual world of her own. The professor was talking to her, but she heard nothing but the sound of his voice as she sucked hungrily and greedily on him, the soft interior of her sweet mouth bringing delight to the ageing professor.
    He groaned loudly and came in her mouth. His sperm shooting in warm jets into the back of her throat. The effect on her was instant, she felt the familiar build begin to wash over her. Her thrusting hips forced back harder against the pounding cock-shaped dildo inside her, taking as much of it as she could inside. Her clitoris throbbed and tingled as she built to her peak. She cried out as it reached her, his cock still in her mouth, his sperm spilling out from around her lips. She shuddered and tensed as the powerful feelings sped through her, racking her body with light spasms.
    Paula was aware of the professor sitting on the bed watching her. She didn't remember him releasing her as she lay looking up at him. It must have been a long time that she had lain there because he was hard again, his stiff cock poking up from the thatch of coarse hair in his lap.
    Paula sat up and taking him gently by the shoulders, guided him to lie down on his back. Her pussy felt a little sore, but still expanded, she mounted him, hovering over his erect cock. Slowly she descended on him, feeding his cock into her wet pussy. Feeling him up inside her for the first time.
    "Your obedient servant,” she panted as she moved on him, behind her back she had her fingers crossed as she spoke.
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    "Paula, I'd like to speak with Louise alone if you don't mind,” the professor said as the dinner was finished.
    "Fine, I'll wash up then,” Paula replied lightly and began clearing the table. “I'll be in the kitchen until you call me."
    The professor moved to his favourite spot on the settee. Louise followed heading for the armchair opposite him.
    "Stand,” he snapped pointing to the floor in front of him, then his tone softened to a request. “Please stand, your legs are to be looked at and admired."
    Louise smiled thinking to herself that all Paula had said about him was true.
    "Okay,” she said sexily, placing one hand on her hip and posing for him. She felt good, sexy and liked the attention his eyes

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