Perfect Sense (Perfect Series Book 1)

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Book: Perfect Sense (Perfect Series Book 1) by Amanda Cowen Read Free Book Online
Authors: Amanda Cowen
the cab driver asks.
    Cash nods, taking another step away from me.
    “Great game tonight. I was listening to the radio on my shift. A hat trick, huh? If you keep it up, you’ll be back on the Tornados in no time.”
    “Thanks. No cab needed though. I’ll make sure she gets home safely. Have a good night.” Cash smiles back, even though I can feel him watching me from his peripheral vision.
    When the cab driver pulls into oncoming traffic, I sigh, exasperated. “Great. Now I need to call for one. Thanks, Brooks.”
    “Don’t go.” He shakes his head. “I want to get to know you better.”
    “Well, I don’t want to get to know you. You and I are worlds apart.” I say and pull out my phone to call another cab.
    Cash grabs my hand, glaring down at me with his hot blue eyes. “I guarantee we’re more alike than you think.” When I don’t say anything in response, he lets go of my hand, smiling at me with an amused grin. “If you’re going to go, then let me bring you home, not some cab.”
    Was he seriously offering me a ride home? Sure, I wanted to get out of here, but could I really trust myself alone with him? I look up and meet his eyes, which look intently back at me. He looks concerned, even worried that I’d refuse him. His eyes are softer than I’ve ever seen them before. It had me second guessing my callous impression of him.
    “You can’t drive. Haven’t you been drinking?” I ask.
    “I don’t drive. That’s what limo drivers are for, Mittens.”
    Ten minutes later, I am sitting in the back of a limo, alone with Cash in complete silence. He hasn’t stopped staring at me, studying me with his eyes, while sipping on a tall glass of soda water and lime he poured himself from the bar.
    As I tap out at text to Lyndsey, Cash leans over and says, “You know, you can pretend like you don’t like me, but I know that you do.” His lips brush my temple, and I feel his touch all the way to my toes.
    “No, I don’t,” I insist, even though my body tingles and my heart beats violently in my chest.
    “Liar.” He tucks a stray strand of hair behind my ear.
    “Looks like you’re the one who likes me.” I try not to blush as I motion my head at the bulge pushing through his dress pants.
    “Good eyes, Mittens.” Cash’s baby blues sparkle as he sits there, his thick, muscular legs spread.
    “Typical,” I snort, taking my gaze away from his crotch.
    “Typical what?” He drapes his arm behind me on the long leather seat. He’s not touching me, but I’m acutely aware his nearness.
    I sit up straighter. “Typical hockey player. You guys are all the same.”
    “How so?” His dimples deepen into his scruffy cheeks, but his eyes look hungry. He shoves his wavy honey hair out of his face and angles his body toward me.
    I fiddle with my necklace, wishing I’d never started this conversation. “Come on, Cash. Have you forgotten who my father is? He’s warned me all my life about guys like you. You all think that because you’re ridiculously overpaid to skate around the ice bashing brains in that you’re somehow entitled to a different girl every night. Did it even occur to you that maybe I actually don’t want you.”
    “So why do I make you so nervous?” He smiles smugly. “You’re messing with your necklace like it’s a cross you’re about to flash at a vampire.”
    I shiver when his fingers brush my collarbone and slowly tug on the long silver chain. As he drags it upwards, the Atlas medallion pendant grazes along my breasts. I shiver more.
    “That’s a nice necklace.” He twirls the disc between his fingers, studying it. “Did your boyfriend give it to you?”
    “Fishing, Brooks? I don’t have a boyfriend. Not that it’s any of your business.” I snatch the necklace out if his hand and tuck the chain into my shirt. “And I don’t need a guy to buy me jewelry. I made it.”
    “Really? It looked expensive.”
    “Well, it’s not. I make jewelry in my spare time. It’s a

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