Object Me: A Bad Boy Lawyer Romance

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Book: Object Me: A Bad Boy Lawyer Romance by Roxy Sinclaire Read Free Book Online
Authors: Roxy Sinclaire
can’t take anymore.”
    “You can and you will.” I demanded between kisses to her clit.

    * * *
    I liked that sound , her unique cry of pleasure, and I wanted to hear it repeated.
    “Touch yourself for me.” I commanded. I wanted to see the pleasure on her face to match her sensuous sounds.
    Her fingers moved across her clit as she rocked her hips. It was like watching the making of a masterpiece.
    I returned to the warm center of her core.
    “Oh. Uh. Ooh.” Yvette called out repeated vowel sounds as we moved in sync. Her fingers twirling, my tongue inserting.
    She pushed against my face before warm liquid covered my tongue. Her body convulsed around me before I moved away to watch the bliss that blossomed across her face.
    “Dylan.” she huffed, her chest heaving.
    I stood and quickly undressed relieving the pressure on my swollen cock.
    Yvette watched through heavily lidded eyes and I was glad to see the lazy smile that crossed her lips.
    “Damn.” she breathed as I moved my body atop of hers.
    Yvette gripped my shoulders as I slowly pressed my shaft into her warm wetness. She was snug and I had to fight the overwhelming urge to bury myself in her tightness quickly and forcefully.
    “It’s okay.” I whispered against her cheek as I entered her slowly. I was enjoying the softness of her.
    She tensed up as I entered her warm wetness but then slowly relaxed as I seated myself deep within her.
    She didn’t let go of me, and I liked it.
    Warm silkiness enveloped my dick as I moved out to the brim and back in until I was able to reach her hilt.
    She flicked her small pink tongue over my lips.
    “Yvette.” I rasped as I felt like I was soaring through the stars with every surge into her delicious heat.
    Increasing my speed, I fisted her hair and clasped her hot wet body against me in need.
    Her nails dug into my back and her legs wrapped around me as I continued thrusting into her.
    Buried deep inside the softness of her, I moved faster as I felt the increasing swell of pleasure signaling the start of my orgasm.
    “Oh. Dylan.” She called out breathily.
    My body jerked when I surged in and out of the slit of her swollen pussy.
    “Yvette.” I hissed as she tightened impossibly around me.
    “Come for me.” I groaned.
    “Yes.” she repeated as she fucked me harder.
    Her pussy pulsed around me as she threw her head back in ecstasy, her back bent into a curved bow, moaning incoherently as she came.
    That was the trigger that sent me over the edge.
    I gripped her ass, pumping harder, nearly welding our bodies together with the intensity of my release.
    Shivers seized me and exploded throughout my body like bolts of electricity.
    A low guttural growl formed in my belly and ripped ruggedly through me. I released into her, stiffened by pleasure, and held by the rapture of satisfaction that stirred through me.
    I collapsed heavily against Yvette, but her heaving chest and her pounding heart made me feel an eager craving to have her again.
    I lifted her limp body from the sofa . Her eyes were dreamy and a smile curved lazily across her face. She wearily raised her arms and linked them around my neck. I carried her up the stairs and placed her gently onto my bed. I collapsed beside her and wrapped her in my arms as we both succumbed to sleep.

Chapter 9
    D ylan must have pulled a cloud from the sky, wrapped it in cotton, and placed a marshmallow on it as the pillow and mattress were just that soft.
    I popped up from the pillow at the clanking sound on the stairs.
    “What was that?” I whispered, wrapping the sheet around my bare breasts.
    Dylan stirred and pulled my body back toward his.
    “If it isn’t you screaming my name, then it doesn’t matter.”
    He nibbled at the flesh on my back with his teeth.
    “You don’t have to make up noises to fuck me Yvette.” He growled before kissing up my side and pulling my nipple between his lips.
    A clamoring erupted from downstairs.
    “Stay here.” he

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