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Book: New Species 08 Obsidian by Laurann Dohner Read Free Book Online
Authors: Laurann Dohner
Tags: Erótica
    Bitterness gripped him next. It wasn’t right that he’d survived long enough to know this day when 46 had not. He’d let his female down. He’d somehow done something to cause her death. Pain filled his heart.

Chapter Five
    “What were you thinking?”
    Alli hesitated, staring at Trisha, the doctor who not only had become her friend but was mated to a New Species. “I just wanted to save him and no one would listen to my suggestions on how to get him to wake from his coma.”
    “You could have called me or waited until I got back. I was only going to be gone for six weeks at Reservation.”
    “880 was getting worse. He’d lost too much weight. I couldn’t stand to watch him waste away. How is he? No one will say a word about him. Did he wake up again?”
    Trisha took a seat on her bed a few feet away and sighed. “He’s awake.”
    Tears of joy filled Alli’s eyes. “Really? That’s great.”
    “He’s recovering amazingly fast. He’s already on his feet. He demanded food, ate more than they wanted, and took a walk down the hallway before he almost crashed into the floor when his legs gave out on him.”
    “Does he look better?”
    “No humans are allowed on that level so I haven’t been able to examine him in person. Justice thinks it’s best right now if he’s not exposed to any. Destiny and Field are living down there to tend to him around the clock. I did get a look at the live feed from the cameras. I insisted and I could tell his coloring is much better from what I saw. You can imagine how difficult it is trying to evaluate a patient by video monitoring though.”
    “How is his mental state? Is he showing any signs of brain damage or depression? We have no idea what was done to him or how traumatic his brain injuries were before he arrived at Homeland.”
    “He seems fine.” Trisha frowned. “I’d be worried about my own ass right now, Alli. You kidnapped a Species and took him from behind the gates. Do you know how dangerous that was? What if someone not associated with the NSO had found you with him? Did you think about that?”
    “I just wanted to help him and they wouldn’t let me do that. I thought it would be safe and I took every precaution I could think of. I planned to call Homeland on day seven if 880 didn’t show any signs of improvement or if he worsened.”
    “You unchained him.” Trisha hesitated. “Did you think about what could have happened if he’d woken, thought you were his enemy, and he killed you? He would have been out there alone. He wouldn’t have known what to do and he could have killed innocent people, thinking everyone he saw worked for Mercile.”
    Alli shook her head. “He would have been too weak to do much damage to me and I was sure I could handle him.”
    “He attacked Tim Oberto’s team. He not only got out of his bed but put two of them on their asses. Think of what he could have done if he’d opened his eyes to see you there.”
    The blood drained from her face as she did just that. “He would or could have killed me.”
    “I’m sorry.”
    “I know.” Trisha reached out and took her hand. “You’re in a lot of trouble and I don’t know what they are going to do with you. Justice won’t even discuss it with me. Slade is my mate but he is Species too. You put one of his males at risk and none of them can ignore that. You were obviously right about a female scent drawing 880 out of his coma but it doesn’t cancel out the danger you exposed him to. At the very least, you’re fired. You could be facing some jail time.”
    Tears filled Alli’s eyes but she blinked them back. “I knew that and I’m ready to take whatever sentence they hand out to me. 880 was worth it.”
    “Damn it.” Trisha released her and stood to pace the small area. “This is a mess. So far they’ve kept you in this holding cell but they can’t keep you here indefinitely. Justice is against Species imprisoning humans. They’ll have

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