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Book: Legend of the Ir'Indicti 5 - Destroyer by Connie Suttle Read Free Book Online
Authors: Connie Suttle
state of Georgia?" Baltis lifted an eyebrow at Wildrif's suggestion.
    "Yes, my King. I was able to locate sources of explosives not far away, so it should be simple for your warriors to relocate inside the base, leave these explosives behind and then relocate far enough away as to be beyond suspicion."
    "Very nice, Wildrif. What may I give you as a reward?" Baltis smiled at the quarter-blood seer.
    "New shoes, my King?" Wildrif nodded hopefully to Baltis. "These are worn through the soles." Wildrif moaned pitifully, staring down at the offending boots.
    "Very well. Raze," Baltis called out to one of his newly appointed Destroyers, "Get the seer shoes and clothing." Baltis waved both away with a flick of his wrist and went back to studying the map Wildrif had given him, the army base circled in red upon it.
    * * *
    "I dislike the heat in Texas this time of year." Gavin seldom complained about anything, but he didn't like this assignment. Nevertheless, the Honored One had instructed him and Anthony to go. Gavin also had a list of rogue vampires, with their last known location in the U.S. on his tablet. He used to take a laptop on his travels, but the tablet replaced it and was much easier to carry.
    "Anthony, are you ready?" Gavin called out. They were to fly to New York first, spend the day sleeping there in a safe house and go on to Texas the following evening.
    "I'm ready." Tony peered around Gavin Montegue's bedroom door. Both lived in a manor house decorated in Louis XIV style. Many of the furnishings were antiques from that era. It wasn't Gavin's favorite era by any means, but his cousin René, who was Anthony's sire, had loved the period. René had died not long after Tony's turning, leaving the manor to his cousin and his only remaining vampire child.
    "Who should we go after first?" Tony walked in and lifted Gavin's tablet, scrolling through the information.
    "I thought Rydley Huntington," Gavin muttered. Rydley was a mere three hundred years old and had always been reckless, in Gavin's opinion. Rydley was now bilking humans out of millions, posing as a wealthy investor. He'd killed a few humans, too, who'd attempted to pull away from his schemes. "He's currently in Georgia, if those records are correct."
    "How recent is this information?" Tony asked.
    "Last sighting two days ago, according to Charles. Charles also says that there is a rumor that Rydley may be dealing arms and ammunition—to the right buyers, of course."
    "That's frightening. Do you think he has contacts with terrorists?" Tony tossed the tablet onto Gavin's bed with a sigh. Before his turning, Tony had been Director of the Joint NSA and Homeland Security Department. He was well aware of the implications, should vampires become involved in terrorist activities. "I don't know what to think about working with that kid." Tony voiced one of his concerns aloud.
    "Anthony, we have been instructed to do so. Therefore, we will work with him. Should he refuse to obey, compulsion will be placed. It will be a simple remedy." Gavin's dark eyes narrowed as he stowed the tablet in an outside pocket of his leather carry-on.
    "We'll have to place compulsion for daylight hours anyway."
    "Very true. I have no desire to have him turn to mist or get away in some other fashion. I had hopes that Wlodek would send Aedan with us, but that was not to be. I have no desire to work with a young one, Anthony," Gavin's whisper was almost a growl. "I have no patience for this."
    * * *
    "Hey, Ashe. What's shakin'?" Marco pulled up a deck chair and sat beside Ashe on Winkler's deck.
    "Last-minute studying for the GED." Ashe held up the large, paperback study guide. "Test is Tuesday. Just in time for the vampires to arrive."
    "The two the Council is sending?"
    "Know who they are?"
    "Tony Hancock and his surrogate sire, Gavin Montegue."
    "Did Winkler tell you who they were?"
    "Nope. He knows both of 'em, though."
    "What do you think they'll be doing—besides hauling you around

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