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Authors: A. J. Jarrett
doesn’t know I’m gay, and I don’t want him to come after you if he finds out that you’re my mate.” Cole ran his fingertips over Josef’s forehead. His mate closed his eyes and let out a satisfied sigh, and Cole smiled. “I couldn’t survive if anything happen to you. I knew from the moment I walked into that office that you were mine and I could no more deny you than live without my heart. It’s just not possible.”
“I know what you mean.” Josef kissed Cole on the lips. It was soft and subtle, just a brushing of lips and against lips. “This mating thing is so bizarre. It’s like love at first sniff.” Josef laughed and Cole joined in. It was nice to be happy for once.
“So you’re not angry at me anymore?” Cole asked, letting his lower lip hang down in a pout.
“No.” Josef dragged the one word out. “But we have to start being honest with one another. No secrets.”
“No more secrets,” Cole agreed. “What about my dad? I don’t want you to get hurt because of me.”
“Well, my love, we don’t know how your dad will handle the news, and if he takes it bad”—Josef gave a shrug—“so what? As long as we are happy, fuck him.”
Cole wished it was as easy as Josef made it sound, but knowing his father he’d be a thorn in Cole’s side just to spite him.
“So what do we do now?” Cole asked. He knew what he wanted to do but didn’t want to be presumptuous.
“We”—Josef dropped kisses up and down Cole’s neck—“go back to my place and finish what we started.”
“Ah, that sounds like an amazing idea.” Cole pulled back from Josef. “But first I need to go tell my brothers I’m leaving.”
“Of course, and I need to say sorry to Jensen. I feel bad for leading him on.”
Cole held his hand up. “Let’s not talk about it. Let’s just say we are both sorry and leave it at that. I will be the first to admit that I’m embarrassed by my earlier behavior, but he had his hands all over you. Not cool.”
“Oh look.” Josef giggled. “You’re so cute when you’re jealous.”
Cole rolled his eyes and landed a playful punch on Josef’s arm. This easy banter back and forth was nice. There was no more underlying tension between him and Josef, and Cole couldn’t be happier. Josef promised to stand by him and wasn’t scared away by learning about Cole’s father. Granted Josef hadn’t met the man yet, and if Randal Weathers was anything, it was intimidating. But Cole had a feeling Josef could handle the pressure.
Chapter Seven
    Josef held the door open for his mate, and they set out looking for Cole’s brothers and Jensen. Jensen was nowhere to be found, so Josef shot him a text saying he was sorry to which Jensen replied back with a “no problem” and a smiley face.
    Cole briefly introduced Josef to his brothers. Josh and Jake weren’t overly concerned about meeting him. Both brothers had two women, one under each arm, wrapped around them. Josef felt sorry for Cole’s apartment. Josh and Jake looked like they had full intentions of having an all-night orgy at Cole’s place. Cole didn’t seem too bothered by it though. He just gave a tight-lipped smile and handed over his keys which made Josef happy. He couldn’t wait to get his mate back to his house.
    On the drive back to his place everything Cole had said ran rampant in his brain. His mate was an omega. To him it wasn’t a big deal because neither Devon nor his father before him practiced the traditional ways of pack life. From what Cole said on the drive home, most didn’t. Like in human society everything changes with the passing of time. Things become more modernized, and the need for a full army of wolves who were obedient like dogs was not needed. Wolves didn’t need to live in a pack to survive, and they didn’t get hunted down like a wild animal for being a lone wolf. On the occasion that a wolf went bat shit crazy, it was an unspoken rule for a pack to take care of the problem.
When they pulled up to his

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