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Book: Harlequin Special Edition October 2015, Box Set 1 of 2 by Christine Rimmer Read Free Book Online
Authors: Christine Rimmer
Monique Hightower’s going to be spreading rumors about us, they might as well be true.”
    * * *
    After their slow, wonderful meal, they returned to Chloe’s house.
    Quinn eased the gorgeous old car into the space beside the garage and turned off the engine. “Are you up for a walk around the block?”
    â€œSure.” It was a nice night. “A walk would be great. We’ll work off some of that amazing dessert.”
    He followed her inside and waited while she changed into flats. Then off they went, down the front steps and out to the street, where they strolled beneath the silver crescent of the moon.
    Their development, Haltersham Heights, had no sidewalks. The houses were set back from the street, among the trees. Quinn stopped at a lot three doors down and across the street from Chloe’s. It had a For Sale sign at the curb with a big SOLD plate stuck on it. The large contemporary log and natural stone house could be seen, windows gleaming, through the trees.
    â€œThe sold sign went up a few weeks ago,” she said. “About time. This one’s been on the market for months.”
    â€œI know. I bought it. Got a great price, too.”
    She laughed—and then she realized he wasn’t kidding. “Wait a minute. You’re serious?”
    â€œI am.” He put his hand over her fingers, where they curled around his arm. She’d barely had time to enjoy the flare of pleasure at how good his touch felt, when he said, “I bought it before I knew you would be fixing up my house. But it should work out great. We’re closing on this one Monday, so we can move in here next week. We’ll stay here while you renovate the other one—and not to get ahead of myself or anything, but once we move back to our house, you can start on this one. It’s the same story as the other one. Solid construction, but it’s begging to be brought into the twenty-first century. When you’re finished, I’ll sell it.”
    She only stared.
    â€œChloe, your mouth’s hanging open.”
    â€œAnd why wouldn’t it be? You’re too much.”
    â€œToo much of what, exactly?”
    â€œWell, let’s see. Quinn Bravo, world-champion cage fighter, fitness empire builder, real estate mogul...”
    â€œThat all sounds pretty good to me.”
    â€œYou must have made a fortune as a fighter, huh?”
    â€œI did all right. The payout for winning a championship fight is a hefty one. And I landed some big-time endorsements, too.”
    â€œI think I’m speechless, Quinn.”
    He gave her his high school bad-boy smirk. “You’ll get over it. And the truth is, Prime Sports will never make much money unless my franchise plan pays off. The housing market’s rebounding nicely, though. I
make money in real estate.”
    She admitted softly, “Start-ups aren’t easy, and I say that from experience. If you hire me for both of your houses, it will make a big difference for me. I really do need the business.”
    â€œSo you’ve got it. Everybody wins.”
    She made a low, disbelieving sound. “As simple as that?”
    His eyebrows drew together. “Why not?”
    â€œI don’t know. I wouldn’t want to take advantage of you just because you, um, like me...”
    He framed her face in his big, calloused hands. “Look at me.”
    â€œOh, I am.” She stared straight up into those soft aquamarine eyes and never wanted to look away. “I really am.”
    â€œAre you telling me you can’t do the job?”
    She stiffened and answered with heat, “Of course I can do the job.”
    He chuckled then. “See? We got no problem here.”
    Standing there in the darkness of her quiet street with his warm, rough hands cradling her cheeks, she decided he was right. “No, I guess we don’t.”
    He lowered his head, until his sexy, plump lips were a hairbreadth from hers. He

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