GONE - Part Two (The GONE Series Book 2)

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Book: GONE - Part Two (The GONE Series Book 2) by Deborah Bladon Read Free Book Online
Authors: Deborah Bladon
what is best for you, Lilly." He moves closer to where I'm seated. "I only want what is best for you."
    "You think that working for you is what is best for me, don't you?"
    "No," he says as he leans forwards, his strong hands resting on the arms of the chair I'm sitting in. "I don't think it's best for you to work with me."
    "You don't?" I cock a brow.
    "If you wanted it, you'd have asked for your job back." His eyes scan my body. "I see how happy you are now that you're working with Alec. Why would I want to take that away from you?"
    "I want to believe you," I say aloud even though I don't mean to. "I hope that you're telling me the truth."
    "I'm losing money by not having you at Corteck." He closes his eyes briefly as he shakes his head. "You could have changed the entire app division. I have no doubt about that in my mind."
    "Why haven't you tried harder to get me back?" They're the words a petulant child would say to a best friend who dumped them. I don't want to sound juvenile but I know, right now, I do.
    "There is a job at Corteck for you whenever you want it." He leans down to graze his lips over mine. "I'd love to work with you again."
    I nod. It's a generous offer and one I won't discount completely at this point. Right now, I'm finding my stride at Hughes Enterprises and I'm not changing that for anyone, not even for Clive. "I'll keep that in mind."
    "I need you to trust me," he whispers the words into the still air between us. "I want you more than I've wanted anything in my life."

Chapter 17
    The soft brush of his beard against my thigh pulls a shudder from deep within me. He's so close. I can feel his breath on my slick cleft. He's been teasing me for the past ten minutes, inching his lips and tongue down my nude body. I cried out when he bit my right nipple tenderly before blowing a puff of air across it. I moaned loudly when he circled the other with his tongue before pulling it between his lips in a soft, gentle kiss. Now, he's breathing on my sex and all I want is to feel his tongue graze over me. I know that it won't take much for me to come. I've craved his touch since the last time I was in this bed. "Clive, please."
"You'll come quickly, Lilly." His breath whispers over my flesh. "If you come, I'll want to bury my cock inside of you."
    "I want that," I whisper. I do want it. As much as I know that I should have asked him to take me home, I couldn’t resist when he'd fallen to his knees and kissed me in the other room. I was the one who pulled at his clothes to free his beautiful, strong body. I held his thick cock in my hands before he carried me to his bed and slowly stripped off my clothes.
    "I want this to last all night." His tongue races over my inner thigh. "I want to lick this beautiful cunt for hours."
My hand drops to his hair. "I want to come."
    He growls as I direct his mouth to the left. "You're so ready for me."
    I cry out the moment his soft wet tongue touches my clit. I push my back into bed, arching my hips up towards him. He slides his hands under my ass, tilting my pussy so he can devour it easily and slowly.
    "Yes," I hiss out between clenched teeth. I've been taken like this by men before but they've never been as skilled as Clive. "Right there."
He hones in on my clit, pulling it between his lips with the gentlest touch. He moans into me causing an extra wave of sensation to overtake me. I feel the rush of a climax barreling down on me.
    "I'm going to come," I gasp into the air.
    He pulls back slightly, his tongue expertly lapping at my folds. "You're so good. Christ, you taste so good."
    I race to the edge, my hands pulling frantically on his hair trying to gain distance from him. I'm so sensitive and raw. I can't take the extra pressure of his tongue on me. "Please, oh, please."
    "I'm not done," he purrs into my wetness. "I want to eat you for hours. I need this."
    I push my head back into the pillow giving in to the overwhelming desire that he's pulling from me. I

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