Game Night

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Authors: Joe Zito
Tags: terror at home
know what to say. Her throat seemed to freeze up. Her face
was a hysteria mask of regret, embarrassment and a deer caught in
the headlights of a fast moving semi.
    “Get to talkin’ dollface.” Nightmare
pointed his shot gun right at her. She spoke.
    “Mr. Evans, please, I’m so sorry.” Her
voice was delicate, shaky and on the verge of breaking down. “We
weren’t doing anything wrong….i mean….it was only,” she was at a
loss for words but Edward knew exactly what she was trying to tell
him. He put his head down, unable to look at her much less his son.
And then Megan broke down into tears. Liz and Andi also held their
heads down in shame. But fear was still at the forefront in their
    “Dad,” Conner said in his own shaky
tearful voice, “I’m sorry. I don’t what I was thi….”
    “Boy, I don’t believe I was talkin’ to
you. You let that pretty little bitch talk.” Nightmare made his
point. “Go on darlin’ tell the man what you did to his
    “Look, I can write you a check for
however much you want,” Edward said to Nightmare. “Please just take
what you want and leave.”
    “Daddy-o, I think you’re gonna sit
there and listen to what the girl has to tell you, now shut your
fuckin’ mouth! Get talkin’ girl!”
    Megan had her head down and to the
side. She couldn’t look at Conner’s dad. But she knew if she didn’t
tell him what happened she was going to get that shot gun forced
into her head by that fucking madman by the name of
    Finally she looked up and said very
quietly, “I had….sex with your son.”
    “Speak up girl the man can’t hear ya!”
Nightmare commanded.
    “I….I….we had sex.” Her voice was
chocked by tears and humiliation.
    “Well goddam! Whooo buddy. She done
fucked your son daddy-o!” Nightmare started clapping his hands
    Badman joined in to and said,
“Yeah,yeah, fucked your boy!”
    Edward held his head down with his eyes
closed. He looked up and shook his head at Megan and silently
mouthed “it’s ok”.
    Nightmare looked at Edward
like he was the
crazy one.
    “What the fuck you say dad? That shit
ain’t ok!” Nightmare turned his attention to Conner who was crying
and said, “How old are you anyway boy?”
    “I’m sixteen,” Conner said reluctantly
and after being threatened by Mr. Nightmares sawed off shot
    “Holeee shit! You hear that Badman!”
Nightmare howled with a sick grin.
    Edward shook his head, eyeing Conner.
He said pitifully, “son.”
    “Ok, I’m….fif….fifteen.” Conner held
his head down and began bawling.
    Megan’s eyes widened and both Liz and
Andi raised their heads simultaneously. All three girls turned
their heads sharply at the boy sitting next to them.
    Nightmare let out a long, wheezing
laugh. “Goddam girl, you done fucked a baby! Holeee shit!” He
continued, “And how old are you pretty little cunts if I may ask?”
Liz told him eighteen and he doubled over in wild, insane laughter.
Spittle flew out of his mouth onto the beige carpet. After about
forty five seconds of everyone staring with fear and disgust at
Nightmare he finally stopped and stared at Megan. He was breathing
heavy from laughing so hard but he kept looking at her and she
could feel her stomach tighten with anxiety and
    “You know what,” he said and then, “I
don’t believe you.”
    “Show me.”
    Everyone’s mouth drew open slowly in
disbelief at what they just heard and Megan had a fright mask of
terror on her face when she said, “What,” breathlessly.
    “You fuckin’ heard me. Show me. I don’t
fuckin’ believe it.”
    Conner was speechless.
    His dad begged, “Please for the love of
    “Shut your fucking mouth daddy-o! We’s
gonna see some fuckin’!’
    “Yeah,yeah, fuckin’!” Said
    Nightmare pointed his gun at Megan as
he walked over to her. He put it to her forehead and nodded at
    “Get them pants off boy!”
    Liz and Andi were crying

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