bother. It’s probably on the other side. I’ll make you some breakfast. Give me your clothes. I’ll put in the wash real quick.”
    She looked back at her brother as she opened the fridge door for the eggs. She frowned. Something didn’t feel right, and she couldn’t shake the ominous feeling that came over her.
    * * * *
    Seven thirty-eight p .m. Brophy sighed. The day had been a whirlwind. Now, they waited only for the wheels of justice to turn. He waited only for the word they had the search warrants needed. Centrello held back on making a move until everything was in order.
    Waters walked over to Brophy’s desk. He stretched. It had been a long day and there was no end in sight.
    “Have a couple of uniforms at the kid’s address. He won’t be able to make a move without our knowledge,” Waters stated, more to himself, as if saying it out loud reinforced the information.
    Brophy looked up at his partner. He reached in his pocket for his Tums. His heartburn was acting up again. Seemed he had lived off them the last few months. It wasn’t going to get better, not with the high-priority headline case. The high pressure stakes were evident with the usual still and quiet of the room at this time of night replaced with a scurry of activity.
    Brophy’s phone rang. A moment later, Brophy rose and gave an affirmative nod to Waters. They had the search warrants needed.
    “ I hope that’s good news.”
    Turning, Brophy knew instinctively who it was. He responded to his brother-in-law, “About time. Expected to see you earlier. A little slower in responding now that you’re thinking of leaving?”
    Darren responded with a knowing smile. Darren had always been an intimidating figure: six two, broad shoulders, dark hair, and eyes that seemed to be able to see into one’s soul. No, Brophy thought, he wouldn’t want to have to be on the other end of Darren’s wrath. He had seen it before in case after case. Darren showed no mercy.
    “ We’ll see. I take it you are about to bring in the suspect. Hope it’s good. I gave up my night for this.”
    “ Wouldn’t be a brunette from the Bruins game last night?” Waters laughed. Brophy looked over at Waters. He shrugged. “I ran into McMann downstairs. Said he saw Kennedy with a brunette last night.”
    “ We all have to make sacrifices, but you guys better have something good, because this is going to cost me to make it up to her.”
    Darren surprised Brophy with his demeanor. He didn’t often let his guard down about his private life. Darren quickly regained his concentration on the case at hand. “Been on the phone with the DA offices of the other two cases. You know, just shooting the breeze.”
    Brophy shook his head at Darren’s attempt at humor. “Well, hopefully, we will have something soon. Got the search warrants. Waters and I are going to bring the kid in for questioning.”
    “ You think it’s the guy?”
    Brophy grimaced . “Let’s just say if he’s not the man, I think he has a connection.”
    “ Then make sure you do everything by the numbers, boys. I want this one bad.”
    “ Darren, I think we know what we’re doing.”
    “ I don’t want any mistakes. I want to get this kid in here before he can lawyer up,” Darren reiterated. “You realize that the FBI thinks there is a connection between these murders and a series of murders in Virginia. They are sending over a  forensic psychiatrist , a Dr. Malcolm Levy. I’ve already talked with him.”
    “ Let me guess,” Brophy interrupted. His opinion of profiles was just a little higher than calling the psychic hotline. “Between twenty and thirty-five, white male. Probably severely abused in childhood by a trusted male. The killings are on the revenge type for that abuse. Killing a weaker subordinate to vindicate himself of probable sexual feelings he feels are wrong. With the amount of violence, the guy has a large amount of pent-up frustration and anger, and will continue until caught. We

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