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Authors: Vanessa Devereaux
to check out the nursery? I’ve been working on the artwork for
the walls.”
want to, I want to,” said Emily
led the way with Emily pulling the hands of both Flynn and Natalie.
the teddy bears stenciled on the wall and a changing table that had already
been placed in the corner, Natalie felt suddenly depressed. Although she’d been
in high school when she’d gotten pregnant, she’d wanted the baby so much. She’d
wanted all the joy that went along with it, but had listened to her mother and
all the reasons why she shouldn’t keep the baby. She bit her lip, doing her
best to fight back the tears, thinking that she might never have a chance at
another pregnancy again.
    “ Lacey’s a graphic designer,” said Flynn.
put drawings on my wall too,” said Emily. “Can we go see Uncle Shane on the way
he’s gone into Hamilton on sheriff’s business,” said Lacey.
I stay to see him when he gets back?” she tugged on Flynn’s arm.
I’m no longer the number one guy in my girl’s life,” he said.
have a better idea, why don’t you stay for dinner and stay overnight? You can help
me put together the mobile for the crib. And it will give your dad an
opportunity to introduce Natalie to the nightlife in town.”
let me stay with them,” said Emily tugging on his arm again.
I guess me and Natalie will have to entertain ourselves tonight,” said Flynn.
had that sounded like the best thing she’d heard in months?
    Had Lacey
been playing matchmaker?
knew she loved having Emily stay over. She’d been kind to his daughter since
the first time she’d met her. But somehow he got the feeling she’d seen the way
he’d looked at Natalie while they’d been visiting. Did he have I’m smitten with this woman, written all
over his face? It had been so long since he’d had this bubbly nervousness in
the pit of his stomach that he’d almost forgotten what it felt like to be this
attracted to someone.
tried his best not to think too far ahead just in case she was here one day,
gone the next. However, each hour he spent with Natalie, he grew more attached
to her. He’d dropped off an overnight bag for Emily and now he was on his way
to the motel where Natalie was staying. He’d told her to wear something casual.
He’d thought about taking her to the steak restaurant just a few miles out of
Timber Creek, but finally decided on the bar and restaurant right in the heart
of town because it was music night and lots of local folks would be there so
she might get to know some people. She’d feel more at home and hence instead of
looking for a vacation home, make it a permanent one. Yeah, Timber Creek wasn’t
overrun with attorneys so one more wouldn’t hurt.
knocked on the door of her motel room and when she opened it he realized she’d
not listened to his words about being casual. Here he was in his jeans and
denim shirt and she’d put on a dark red wrap around dress that clung to her
thighs and breasts too.
heart raced, and yes, he’d be honest, his cock twitched too just thinking about
spending the evening with her.
not what we call casual around these parts,” he said. “But you look beautiful.”
you. Let me just grab my purse, and I’ll be right with you.”
leaned against the door jamb as he waited and watched her put on her jacket
before swinging the purse strap over her shoulders.
thought you might like to see our local bar,” he said closing the door for her.
“It’s not all about drinking. The food’s great, and on Saturday nights they
have live music.”
like fun.”
got into the truck and Flynn turned up the heater before he pulled out onto the
main road. He didn’t want her thinking Montana was too cold.
Emily loves Lacey and your brother. And your other
brother too,” she said.
she does. Her gran too, and

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