Fantasy Attraction (Hidden Secrets)

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Book: Fantasy Attraction (Hidden Secrets) by P. J. Belden Read Free Book Online
Authors: P. J. Belden
minutes later, in walked an amazing looking man.  The pull to him was intense.  He walked over to the bar and had a seat.  I watched him intently.  This had to be the guy.  My suspicions were confirmed when he pulled out his phone and dialed a number and my phone rang.  
    A coincidence?  I think not!
    I answered on the third ring and watch a smile spread across his face.  My breath catches in my throat.  He was absolutely gorgeous.  It again brought back the question of why he needed to call my service.
    “So I can tell by the background noise that you showed up.”  He laughed.
    “I did.  After a few panic attacks, I decided it was worth the risk.”
    I watched his face light up with his laughter.  He was a breathtaking sight.  What would this guy see in me?  He was built.  Not in a ‘I lift weights for a living’ kind of way, but in a n ‘I care about life and want to enjoy it for a while’ kind of way. 
    “Wow…” I breathed not realizing I said that out loud.
    “Wow what?” He asked.
    “You…”  Okay, so it’s official my brain to mouth filter has completely broken.
    “Now that’s not fair that you can see me and I can’t see you.  How do you know it’s me anyway?”
    “Because I saw you come in and was immediately drawn to you.  Then I watched you pull your phone from your shorts pocket and dial.  My phone rang at the same time.  Plus , you talk every time the guy I’m completely mesmerized with talks.  God, you’re sexy.”
    Yup filter is still not there.  Damn!
    “Now let me see you.  It’s only fair.” He responds after a pause.
    “I will come to you.” I respond breathlessly.
    “Damn, you have already turned me on, Angel.”
    Making my way over to him slowly, he looks up and we lock eyes.  I’m only a few feet away when a red headed woman comes in and jumps up on Carson’s lap. In complete horror, I watch as his hands move out to catch her and I hear the woman talk over the phone.
    “Hey baby, Tommy said I’d find you here. Surprise! Have you missed me?”
    I watched as she runs her hand down his chest while Carson stares at me.  It was almost in slow motion the whole thing. Just as she finished, I turned and ran out of the bar.  I could hear him calling from behind me, but I continued to run until I made it home and locked the door.
    Then all hell broke loose…

    ~C ARSON~
    I was nervous to finally meet the woman who has taken over my every thought the way she has.  However, I knew that it was good nerves.  When I decided to put off sleeping with any girl and searching for the girl, I never thought I would have found her the way that I have.  I can’t help, but think that she just might be it.  She has me feeling things that I don’t normally feel for anyone else.  It has to mean something.
    Walking into the bar, I glanced around trying to see if I could spot her before realizing that I had no clue what she looked like.  I made my way to the bar and sat at the end.  My hands were actually shaking as I made the call, but then I heard her voice and everything calmed inside me.
    As she kept talking about how taken she was with me in her breathless voice, I could feel myself hardening.
    “Damn, you have already turned me on, Angel.”
    I looked up at that moment and locked eyes with the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.  Words have failed me in describing her beauty.  In all the times talking to her on the phone, I knew she was beautiful, but I never guessed she looked this breathtaking.  I dropped my leg to the floor to stand.  The only thing I was thinking was kissing her the way I have dreamed about.  Suddenly a red haired woman jumps into my lap.  On instinct, my hands catch her.
    “Hey baby, Tommy said I’d find you here. Surprise! Did you miss me?” The woman said in an overly sweet way that to anyone who didn’t know would think we were together, while running her hand down my chest.
    My eyes never

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