Falling Into Darkness: The Under Series Book 1

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Authors: Dakota Lake
you to everyone.”
She skipped ahead of me and stopped at the end of their table waiting for me to catch up.
“Everyone this is Ruby, Ruby this is Aimee......”
“No no no, Caitlin introduce us properly, here I’ll do it,” the curly haired boy interrupted “This is
Aimee our school....slut” he said mouthing the last part and using his hand as a wall to shield what
he was saying but Aimee obviously had a good idea that he hadn't said anything nice.
“Robbie I'm warning you I will physically hurt you one day so bad you wont be able to use that
filthy little mouth of yours,” she said pinching him in the arm. She then slung her arm round his
“This is Robbie our school sleaze, he is completely deluded in thinking every girl loves him.” She
put her hand up to her mouth to shield it from Robbie and mouthed, “They don’t.”
The blonde haired boy across the table started laughing at Robbie who was giving Aimee a
disgusted look shaking his head. She smiled at him, crossed her arms and leaned back in the seat.
“And this is Josh.” Caitlin said.
“Hey,” I said to no one in particular.
Josh jumped up and shot round to the other side of the table next to Robbie, Caitlin slid into the
empty seat and patted the spot next to her for me.
“So do you go to Heaven's Point High? I’ve never seen you there,” Caitlin asked.
“No I’m just visiting my brother for the week he's over there somewhere,” I said looking in his
general direction.
“FOOD!” Robbie said loud enough that the people around us turned their heads in our direction.
Everyone had ordered burger and chips except Caitlin she had ordered a veggie burger. They all
seemed a friendly bunch that genuinely liked me and when I heard Caitlin's thoughts this only
backed that up. Caitlin's thoughts were of Aimee and how surprised she was that Aimee was being
so nice to me. Apparently Aimee was known to have an attitude and a bad mouth on her and didn’t
welcome newcomers. So I must be doing something right for her to like me. Robbie was a bit of a
show off and his thoughts consisted mainly of girls, girls and more girls. He was rating girls on a
scale from one to ten that he had seen walking past from his school. Gross!
Aimee was definitely right about him. Josh was quieter and he only had one thing on his mind and
that was Caitlin he obviously had a huge crush on her.
After we had eaten Aimee and the boys went over to the air hockey table leaving me and Caitlin
chatting, she was showing me pictures of her dachshunds that she called her crazy sausage dogs
when I noticed my brother strolling towards us.
“Hey I have somewhere I have to be,” he said shoving his hands in his pockets, waiting for me.
It wasn’t like I had a choice when I left as he was the one with the car. So I had to go with him
whether I wanted to go now or not.
Going to be late!
I was glad I was the only one who could hear him what was the rush, late to what exactly? I smiled
and turned to Caitlin she did a sad pout with her lips.
“Maybe I'll see you guys again before I leave.” I said standing up.
“Wait let me give you my number,” Caitlin said.
I sat back down and pulled my cell out, Caitlin keyed in her number as Seth's cell started ringing.
“Rube's are you all right to go with Micah?” he asked, cell to his ear.
“Err yeah I guess,” I replied, not that I really wanted to get in a car with Micah but if it meant
staying a bit longer with my newly made friends I would just have to put up with him on the way
Aimee joined us again at the table along with the boys and we spent the next hour just chatting. I
got to hear all about their school, the teachers and how much they were all looking forward to going
back next week. It was a shame I wouldn’t be here for any of it.
“Right well we have to get going soccer practise tomorrow, up early,” Josh said grabbing his bag.
“You girls coming tomorrow?”
I think everyone noticed he was mainly directing that

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