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Book: Everlastin' Book 1 by Mickee Madden Read Free Book Online
Authors: Mickee Madden
Tags: Romance, Paranormal, supernatural, Ghosts, Scotland
headiness, she unwittingly clutched the sides of his shirt.
The musky scent of him, the feel of his masculinity surrounding
her, and the manner in which his mouth moved slowly over hers,
promised to abolish the warring emotions she'd carried for so
    “You feel so good. So bloody
good,” he whispered against her lips, one of his hands freeing the
back of her blouse from the waistline of her skirt. His palm
smoothed along the contours of her back, over heated, soft skin. It
took him several seconds to comprehend and release the two hooks
securing her bra. When he at last succeeded, he caressed the length
of her spine then, slowly, seductively, inched the hand over one
side of her small waist.
    Deepening the kiss, he moved
his fingers upward to the underpart of her left breast. Her moan
encouraged him to go on. The firm swell of the breast became lost
within his large hand, the rigid nipple tautly pressed into his
palm. His fingers kneaded, caressed, eliciting a deeper moan to
rattle within her throat.
    Breathing in spurts, he
trailed his lips across her cheek, to a gentle depression below her
ear. Lost in the maddening sensations building rapidly within her,
she tilted back her head and exposed the sensitive skin of her
graceful neck. His teeth nipped, his lips probed. His hands gripped
her hips and flattened her abdomen against the rigid implement of
his manhood.
    Quivers of desire racked
him. Fevered by a need to possess her, he kissed her passionately,
one hand at the back of her head, the other at her buttocks,
grinding her against him in a futile attempt to relieve the
tormenting fires in his groin.
    On the verge of losing
control, his hands began to lift her skirt. His palms pressed to
the rounded contours of her hips. His thumbs hooked into the
waistband of her panties, began to lower the intrusive
    Reality slammed home when
Beth's fingers began to free the buttons of his shirt. Gripping her
arms, he hastily jerked her back a step.
    Large blue eyes stared
dazedly up at him through a flushed face. The lips he'd kissed only
moments before were slightly swollen and more inviting than
    “Fegs, lass,” he breathed
unsteadily. “You damn near lost me ma purpose!”
    Running a hand down the
front of his shirt, he took two steps back. “I’m a bloody stranger!
How can you trust me to make love to you?”
    Confused, and fighting back
a whirling sensation in her head, Beth made a feeble gesture with
her hand. “I-I don't understand what's g-going on.”
    “We damn near made
    “I was here, remember?” she
    “Tis burned in ma
    “Is this a question of
    A mirthless laugh burst from
his throat. “Morals, ma eye!”
    “Then what the hell is wrong
with you? What kind of game are you playing?”
    “Temper, lass,” he chided,
his chest still rising and falling with desire. “Ma purpose was to
persuade you to unburden yer woes, no' have ma way wi' you afore
the proper time and place.”
    The cobwebs filling Beth's
mind multiplied.
    “Proper time and
    “I asked you a question
afore we got lip-locked.”
    Beth tried to remember what
it was. Frustrated, she reached up under the back of her blouse and
secured the hooks of her bra then haphazardly tucked the blouse
into the skirt's waistband. She'd known this man for less than
twenty-four hours, and yet she'd nearly given in to an impulse to
be taken by him, out in the relative open.
    “You're the most
maddening....” She glared at him through a pained expression. “I'm
going back to the house. I would appreciate it if you'd leave me
alone until Carlene returns.”
    “No' so fast,” he said
huskily, taking her arm as she tried to pass him to reach the steps
of the gazebo. “We were talkin' abou' yer mither.”
    “That conversation is over.”
    Lachlan's expressive
eyebrows drew down in a frown. “When you learn to trust me, we'll
make love.”
    A mask of utter incredulity
slid over Beth's

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