Entwined: Jane in the Jungle (The Erotic Adventures of Jane in the Jungle: Part 1)

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Book: Entwined: Jane in the Jungle (The Erotic Adventures of Jane in the Jungle: Part 1) by Colette Gale Read Free Book Online
Authors: Colette Gale
Tags: Fiction/Erotica
and in part because she knew her body craved the touch of a man.
    Kellan’s mouth was warm and sleek, and although she felt the barest flutter of response, Jane felt nothing like the rush of sensations she’d experienced at the touch of the wild man.
    When she could stand it no longer, she twisted her face firmly away from his lips and planted her hands on his chest to hold him at bay. His torso rose and fell rapidly, and she saw the desire in his eyes. His lips were full and glistening and his hands tight around her arms. Too tight. A flicker of revulsion trembled through her.
    “It’s time for me to return,” Jane said, keeping her voice steady and calm. “Efremina will be worried,” she added, suddenly wishing her maid would holler down from the treehouse and call her inside.
    Kellan licked his lips, and the very sight put Jane in mind of an animal contemplating its prey…in an unflattering manner. “I want you, Jane,” he said, his grip still tight. “You needn’t play the innocent maid with me, or the demure girl. Jonathan told me all about you. How passionate you were. All of the things you like. How you need the touch of a man.”
    Jane froze, her heart thudding in her chest. Jonathan would never speak to anyone about the things that passed between them. Kellan was lying. “Mr. Darkdale,” she managed to say. “I don’t think this is an appropriate conversation.”
    “Then let us not talk,” he said. “He told me in great detail, Jane…so many stories of you together…and in such great detail that I could hardly sleep at night without dreaming of you. Without imagining us together, me pleasuring you, sliding between your sleek—”
    “Stop!” Galvanized by his disturbing words, she yanked away and stumbled back. “I’m not certain what Jonathan told you, but I no longer wish to finish this conversation. Good night, Mr. Darkdale.” She spun toward the treehouse ladder.
    “I would make you scream with pleasure,” he said, his voice low and tinged with anger, his words wafting behind her as she clambered up the ladder. “Jane, I will taste you. I will have you. And you’ll beg me for more.”
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    — VII —
    Jane climbed up the ladder and into the parlor. When her head emerged from the entrance in the floor, she found Efremina holding a cup of tea and watching her. Her gaze was all-too-knowing and Jane’s cheeks turned warm.
    “See any snakes down there, Miss Jane?” Efremina asked as she lifted the cup to drink.
    “No,” Jane replied brightly. “Not at all.”
    The last thing she wanted was for the maid to know what had transpired between her and Kellan. Who knew what Efremina would do (a variety of possibilities had already crossed Jane’s mind as she climbed up the ladder, for Efremina had stiff morals, little patience, and surprising strength). And as Jane had concluded, it was important that Kellan Darkdale remain in their camp. At least until The Fledgling returned. They needed him, his expertise, and his strength.
    “Some of’em snakes can be right vicious,” Efremina told her. “They seem harmless and pretty, with their bright colorin’, but those’re the ones to watch out fer. Those’re the ones who sneak up on ye in the night, slippin’ b’neath yer covers and—”
    “I’m exhausted,” Jane interrupted, trying not to think about any form of snake slipping beneath her covers. “I’m going to go to bed now, Effie, darling.”
    The older woman looked at her and gave an understanding nod. “I’ll be making certain no snakes bother ye the rest of the night, missy.”
    “Good night, Papa,” Jane said. As far as she could tell, Professor Clemons hadn’t moved except to turn the page of his book since she’d left for her walk.
    “Mmm? Oh, hm, yes, a cup of tea would be most welcome, Effie,” he said vaguely.
    The two women exchanged amused glances, and just as Jane heard the creak of the lift rising—presumably

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