Eighteen Summers

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Authors: Jessie M
over. The best is yet to come. You will embrace our world fully tonight.”
    “ What's going to happen to me Nico?”
    “ I don't know. I can't remember my own experience. It was such a very long time ago.”
    “ Will it hurt?”
    “ Perhaps. It can be quite heated.”
    “ How hot?”
    “ Again, I don't recall.”
    “ Can't we stay here, doing this instead?”
    “ No, we cannot.”
    “ But I like it.”
    “ What we like is not the only consideration we have.”
    I look up at him again. He seems so serious. But then his eyes suddenly twinkle and flare wildly when they catch mine and he smiles broadly at me.
    “You have such lovely eyes Nico.” I can't help but stare into them in adoring fascination.
    “ So do you, of course.”
    “ Why do they turn yellow like that?”
    “ It's our emotional barometer. They heat, flare, flash and cool all the time.” This is simply confirmation of what I already knew. But I like to hear him say it.
    I'm pretty sure mine must be burning very emotionally yellow at the moment.
    He takes my chin and looks deeply into my heated pools.
    I stare transfixed at his blazing yellow suns.
    My breathing sky rockets noisily, my heart is thumping like crazy.
    His head moves closer, so slowly, I'm surely going to faint before he gets there.
    I'm willing him in, praying for it to happen.
    I close my eyes and I feel it. His lips touch mine softly. He brushes them over mine, back and forth, teasing me. It's so wonderful and I want much more.
    I gasp with shock at the heated sensations which have started whipping around me so quickly. I'm lost in a world of new feelings.
    The next second he pulls away, holding me at arms length and looks down at the floor in shame. I can see he's getting himself in check.
    “Nico, please...?” I hold out my hand to him, willing him to come back, to carry on with what he has started.
    He recovers enough to look me in the eye. There's not a trace of yellow to be seen in his.
    “My apologies, Mistress. That was most inappropriate of me. I shall send Sofia to tend to you shortly.”
    He turns and leaves the room abruptly, banging the door shut behind him with force. I throw myself on my bed, trying to calm down. The tears start to flow, trickling down the side of my face and into my curls.
    Fuck it... I don't care what I look like anymore. It doesn't matter, does it?
    Moments later Sofia appears at my bedside.
    “Are you unwell?” She asks studying my teary face as I lay curled up on the bed.
    “ No. Just upset.”
    “ Why so?”
    “ It's my first feed tonight. I'm scared of the changes I need to go through.”
    “ Ah, yes... It is a little nerve wracking but it all passes quickly. It is not too bad an ordeal, I assure you.”
    “ Really?”
    “ Of course. Now, no more of this unnecessary worry, hmmm? Let me repair your face and hair.”
    I wander over to the dressing table and sit down. She fiddles around with my curls with a long comb and resets a few on the curling iron. Then she dabs at my eyes and reapplies some more make up.
    “Sofia... How well do you know Lord Raffaele?”
    “ We have been intimate together.”
    “ Oh, I see. And how did that go down...?”
    “ I would rather not discuss details with you. He is My Lady's intended.”
    “ I would like to know if there is anything in particular I need to be aware of?” I press her.
    “ It's not my place to say.”
    “ What are you hiding from me?”
    “ Hiding? Nothing.” She won't look at me, I know she knows about him.
    “ Yes you are.” I hit her with it. “You know he's a sadistic bastard, don't you? I had a dream and he came to me. He did painful things to me. He tied me up, hung me upside down from the ceiling, and bit me really hard everywhere. Then he scraped his nails inside me. Does any of this sound familiar to you?”
    “ My lady, I am so sorry. I simply cannot say. He demands secrecy. If it ever emerged that I spoke of this with you, I would be dispatched.”

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