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Authors: Paddy Cummins
expert breeder, a recognised authority after all her years of study and practical experience. It was a true labour of love that kept her busy and positive, partially filling the massive void left by Sam's untimely departure.
    But this week was all down hill for Jenny - Ken busy at the
    Clinic, she closeted in the big house, all alone, lonely and bored to death. She knew there were several things she could do to occupy her mind - a bit of painting and decorating, a little attention to the garden, a touch of polishing
    to the brassware and furniture. Somehow she couldn't get started on any of them - she just wasn't focused. Her mind was too active with a continuous rush of tangled thoughts. But she could see one distinct pattern emerging through the
    haze: it was all pointing in one direction - the Global Life Headquarters in Blackrock. That's it! She had to get back to work. Nothing else would restore some normality to her life - get her back on an even keel again.
    But how would she manage it? She still had two weeks of leave left in an arrangement that was agreed between Don Lenihan and Ken while she was unconscious. Her job was taken over by the underwriting manager from the British division, and he wasn't due to return for another two weeks. It
    would be messy. Lenihan wouldn't co-operate or be flexible - certainly not for her. " Oh, to Hell with him" - she could handle him, despite his awkwardness. She rang his office.
    'I'd like to speak with Mr Lenihan, please.'
    Kit, the receptionist, recognised Jenny's voice.
    'Oh, it's Jenny, isn't it? How are you Jenny? We've missed you ... when are you coming back?'
    Jenny was popular with all the staff.
    'Thanks very much, Kit ... I'm fine ... I hope to be back soon.'
    'Oh that's great ... looking forward to seeing you ... here's Mr Lenihan now, Jenny.'
    'Thanks Kit.'
    'Well, if it's not my old flower Jenny ... what a pleasant surprise ... I was just about to ring you ... how are you?'
    He was at it again - pure waffle - she felt like spitting
    'I'm fine, Don ... in fact, I'm so well that I'm coming back on Monday.'
    She knew it was the only way. Don't ask him - just tell him. There was a pause - she waited.
    'Well Jenny, that might be a little awkward.'
    'Well, Mr Poole from England has another two weeks here ... we can't just suddenly get rid of him like that.'
    Jenny was beginning to heat up with anger. This was more
    bullshit from Lenihan - she wasn't taking it.
    'Can you put me through to Mr Poole, please?'
    That took Don by surprise. He couldn't refuse. Poole was standing in for Jenny - it was her department.
    'You're now through to Mr Poole.'
    'Hello Mr Poole.' She had only met him once before in London - had found him to be okay.
    'I'm sorry Mr Poole that you had to take over here at such
    short notice because of my accident. It must have been a big disruption for you ... thank you very much.'
    'Oh, not at all ... I'm enjoying it ... the change did me good ... how are you? ... you sound great.'
    'I'm fine now, thank you. In fact, the reason I'm ringing is to let you know that I'm coming back on Monday.'
    'Oh, that's great. You've made a remarkable recovery in such a short time. I'll arrange to move back then this weekend.'
    'Will that knock you about in any way, Mr Poole?'
    'No, not at all. It'll be just fine ... I'll be back at my old desk on Monday ... and so will you.'
    Nice man, thought Jenny - that's what I call a real nice
    She was a new woman as she replaced the receiver. Now! What's next? She looked enthusiastically around. Yes! I know! Walking up through the fields at the rear of the house, she felt great. Complete with
    clip-board, marking pegs, and measuring tape, and suitably attired, she was ready to make a start on a little project dear to her heart. Andy Leahy had been brilliant in giving her his stable for Poker. She would soon be getting a
    new horse - it was time she had her own stable.

    Anguish of Loss
    Garry was in the

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