Double Threat My Bleep

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Authors: Julie Prestsater
Tags: High School
After talking to my girls, I don’t think I’m ready either. Maybe Alex knows that and that’s why he stopped. He stopped for me.
    “So now what? When do you get to see him again?” Keesh asks me.
    “Not till Thanksgiving.”
    “What are you going to do about Homecoming? He’s not going to be here to take you. You’re still gonna go though right?” Steph asks.
    “I don’t know. I don’t want to go by myself.” The thought of me going as a third wheel makes me sick. But the thought of missing a school dance sucks butt too.
    “We’ll figure it out by then. Don’t worry. We still have a month. You know what I’m worried about?” Keesh says.
    “What?” Steph and I answer together.
    “Soccer,” she says. “We start again on Monday.”
    “At least we don’t have to try out again.”
    “That depends.”
    “On what?”
    Keesh starts in on the explanation. “It depends on if there are a lot of new girls who can play well. We could end up having to compete for spots.”
    “Are you kidding me?” I ask. That’s not a good sign. I don’t want to have to compete for a spot with a bunch of ninth graders. I could very well lose.
    “Don’t worry, Meggie, I heard the competition isn’t that great so I think we’ll be fine.” She stands up and walks over to the door. “Well, what are we going to do now? I thought we were going to need a few hours to hear all the details about your weekend full of hot sweaty dorm room love making, so I didn’t plan anything.”
    I chuckle. “Hot and sweaty.”
    “Dorm room sexfest,” Steph says.
    “Stop, you guys. It was all very innocent,” I say, smirking inside. Sure, the bed wasn’t rocking, but it was still far from innocent.
    “Let’s call the guys. I think I can get Dom to take us all to the movies,” Steph suggests.
    “Sounds good to me,” I respond.
    “Okay, you call him and I’m gonna go get us some drinks.” Keesh heads out of her room while Steph takes out her cell.
    “Hey babe,” Dom says to Steph as we jump in his van. “Hey, girls.”
    “There’s been a change of plans. We’re going to go to Denny’s instead. Is that okay?”
    “Why? What happened?” Steph asks.
    “I called the guys and they already had plans to go there and meet. So I thought we’d go too.”
    “Who’s going?” I ask.
    “Ben and Ness are already there. Jon, Josh, and Erica are on their way.” Whew. No Travis tonight. “And we’re gonna pick up Trav on the way.”
    We all pile out of the van at Denny’s and head in to meet the rest of the crew. Like usual, everyone is in the back. I wonder if Denny’s does that on purpose. They reserve the far back of the restaurant for teenagers, to isolate them from the well-mannered guests. I swear Denny’s brings out the worst in a group of adolescents. We’d never be this loud and obnoxious at home. There’s just something about this place that urges us to raise our voices, chew with our mouths open, throw food at each other, and use foul language.
    “Awww…here she comes,” Jonathan says. “Does Meggie have a little after sex glow?”
    Keesh smacks him in the back of the head, before leaning down to kiss him. “Not Meggie. She left a big V and came back a big V.”
    Everyone chuckles and stares at me. “So this is what you’ve all been talking about while I’ve been gone. Geez…is there nothing sacred here? Would anyone else like to broadcast their sex stories for the rest of us?” They all look at me blankly. “I didn’t think so.”
    “Maybe none of us have any stories to tell,” Erica says, like she’s as pure as snow.
    “Yeah, I doubt that,” I scoff, looking around at all of them.
    The server interrupts us. “Can I get you all something to drink?” She continues to take orders and then hurries off.
    “So how’s C-High?” Erica does a great job of changing the subject. “Are you all excited about homecoming?”
    “Heck yeah,” Keesh exclaims.
    “Sure,” Steph

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