Double Coverage

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Authors: Mercy Celeste
changed. There was a hardness to it now that she’d never heard before. He took her arms, running his hands down them. He linked his fingers with hers, then lifted her arms over her head wrapping her hands around his friend’s neck. “What secret does Bullet know about you that I don’t? Come on, baby. You can tell me.”
    She watched him detach, his eyes going distant when Bullet nuzzled her neck. “Tell him, Kai. Tell Trigger our little secret.”
    Trig pressed her back until her body was pressed against Bullet’s, his erection hard against her back, Trig’s against her belly. Liquid fire spiraled through her body, a trickle pooling hot and wet between her legs. “What are you doing to me?”
    “Do you want us to stop?” This from Trig, his hands resting on her shoulders, his fingers hot where he touched her.
    “No.” God, no. She’d never felt like this before, as if she would melt and explode all at the same time. Her pussy throbbed—all of it, not just her clit. The whole damned region was pulsing so fast she couldn’t breathe. Her breasts ached beneath Bullet’s hands; her nipples were so hard she thought she would scream from the brush of her own dress as she moved against them. “Please don’t stop. I want you, both of you.”
    She heard Trig sigh. It was a defeated sound she didn’t understand. His hands had her gasping for air when he stroked her shoulders, trailing a line over the swell of her breasts; his fingers plucked at her nipples.
    Bullet breathed in her ear. A little laugh escaped, caressing her neck. “I told you Trigger, she’s a hot piece of ass. Tell him, Kailey. Tell him your secret.”
    Cool air washed over her heated breasts. Bullet’s hands were hot on her flesh as he tugged her dress down. Trig’s tongue even hotter on her nipples. Hot piece of ass, for God’s sake. Oh God. Her eyes flew open when a pair of hands cupped that particular part of her body, his eyes wide with surprise as he looked down at her.
    “I’m naked under this dress,” she told him, but it was too late—he already knew.
    Trig moaned. His cock throbbed painfully in his pants, wanting to be free. She was naked, completely naked except for a blue floaty dress and a pair of high-heeled sandals. She’d dressed for him, to be with him. Her eyes tormented him. Her sighs robbed him of breath. Bullet’s throaty laugh turned to strangled moan set him on fire.
    “Kiss him.” Oh God, what, was he saying? Why was he so eager and willing to hand her over to him? Why did Bullet’s hands on her breasts, holding her for him, make him so damned horny he couldn’t see straight? “Kailey, I want to see you kiss Bullet. Kiss him, baby.”
    She didn’t question him, she simply leaned her head back against Bullet’s chest, angling her head up, her mouth closing on his friend’s. Her body arched against Trig’s, her naked breasts jutting forward. He caressed her nipples, pinching them, watching her moan against Bullet’s mouth, her tongue tangling with his. Oh God, what the hell was he doing? His cock jerked against his zipper when Bullet covered her breasts with his big hands.
    “Trigger.” It was his name that slipped off her tongue, inflaming his lust. She was naked beneath that dress, and it was all for him, Bullet meant nothing. Bullet was just a helping hand.
    He tugged her skirt up to her waist. Her bare pussy arched out at him, her clit peeking past the hairless folds, engorged and throbbing; moisture covered her thighs. “My turn.” He pressed into her, stealing her lips from Bullet’s greedy mouth, his hand covering her throbbing clit. Bullet didn’t mind; he found her ear.
    “She’s on fire, Trigger,” she heard Bullet say against her ear. His chest rumbled where she lay pressed against him. Trigger pressed against her, his hand covering her pussy, his mouth hot against hers. “I’m about to explode, Trigger. We need to hurry this up.”
    Hurry? God no, there was no hurry. She pressed

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