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Book: Destiny Bewitched by Leia Shaw Read Free Book Online
Authors: Leia Shaw
guide, was Sage’s dead mother’s best
friend. After a tearful reunion, the house had been attacked by
werewolves and Sage fled – to become ruler of the Underworld
apparently. How odd. But she doubted Sage would embrace her with
open arms any time soon.
    She sighed. “To the
mountains it is.”
    “Just an hour or two
more then we’ll rest. Let me carry your bag and sword.”
    “No.” Two things she’d
never give up to anybody – not even the demon who’d saved her
    “Come on. It’ll be at
least ten pounds off your back.”
    “Absolutely not.”
    His eyes narrowed and
his voice dropped to a low whisper. “I could make you.”
    She arched a brow. “Is
that a threat?”
    “You won’t. You
    “So sure of yourself,
little witch.” His expression was fierce yet she got the impression
he was teasing her again.
    “Maybe I’m sure of you.
For some insane reason, I trust you. Don’t make me regret it.”
    That made him smile.
“Let’s go, stubborn girl. Try to keep up.”

    Geo stayed on
hyperalert as they made their way through the forest. It wasn’t as
densely packed as where he lived so it was easier to sense threats
here. And thank the gods they were out of that depressing tunnel.
He had felt death nipping at his heels, waiting for him to give up
or make a mistake.
    Samantha had descended
into silence since starting for the mountains – not unusual for
her, he was learning. Even in silence, he liked her company. He
looked back and she lifted her head to give him a small smile. Poor
thing must’ve been exhausted yet she didn’t complain. Wouldn’t give
up that sword either, damn obstinate woman. Though if it were him,
he wouldn’t have either.
    Almost an hour later,
they left the forest and crossed a grassy valley at the base of the
mountain. They would travel through the range instead of going
straight up. It would save their energy but still keep them a safe
distance from Rheol
Heaern and its guard. At the thought of the vicious army of
werewolves, worry formed a knot in his chest. Samantha proved to be
remarkably strong-willed, resourceful, and quick-witted, but she
was still just a girl, barely in her second decade of life.
    Geo was thousands of
years old – from a place before time existed – and even he wouldn’t
brave a rescue mission into the heart of the Underworld Games. Not
without proper motivation. He admired Samantha’s loyalty, but that
wouldn’t keep her alive. If her sister was in the Underworld, the
chances she wasn’t already dead were slim.
    He fell back to
question Sam. Maybe he could convince her to go home. “How do you
know your sister is here?”
    “None of your
business,” was the quick reply.
    He sighed. “So many
secrets.” He was getting tired of it. “I was swallowed whole by a
death worm because of you. Now I don’t mind dragging your cute
behind halfway across the Underworld to find someone I’ve never met
so long as you fulfill your end of the bargain, but you’re going to
start answering a few questions. Now.” He’d never been so firm with
her. I wonder how
she’ll take it.
    She looked at him for a
long moment then nodded. “Alright.”
    His brows shot up in
surprise. Apparently demanding answers was the only way to get them
with her. He’d have to remember that.
    “My dad was in debt to
the overseer of the Games. After a few escalating threats he still
didn’t pay up. And then Nikki disappeared. I put two and two
    What kind of father put
his family in danger? And why wasn’t he here in the Underworld
instead of his daughter? A child was a sacred gift to be protected
and treasured, not exposed to harm for a selfish addiction. “Do you
have proof?”
    “I don’t need proof.”
She fingered the feather hanging from her neck. “I can feel her.
I’m in the right realm at least.”
    “Does that have
something to do with your necklaces?”
    She shot him a
surprised look. “Um. Yes. The

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