December Moon (The Raven Saga)

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Book: December Moon (The Raven Saga) by Suzy Turner Read Free Book Online
Authors: Suzy Turner
Tags: FICTION / Fantasy / Urban Life
    "I've looked it up on the internet and it would probably take less than three hours to see you!! Woo Hoo!!" she wrote.
    Lilly was absolutely speechless, she had no idea. It had all happened so fast. But it was also a little worrying... how could she keep her biggest secret from her best friend? She had never wanted to keep a secret from her, but her family had warned her that she must keep it from everybody. The only ones who could know were the supernatural ones and, currently, Lilly didn't know if December had a gift or not.
    Running towards the kitchen to tell Tabitha her news, Lilly ran straight into Wyatt, her father's brother.
    "Whoa easy there Lilly!" he laughed as she apologised, red-faced to her uncle, unaware that he was even at the house.
    "I just popped by to borrow a couple of Gabriel's books," he said as she noticed an old heavy hardback in one hand and a lighter paperback in the other. "You look excited about something," he said, picking up on her enthusiasm. Nodding, she told him about December's email as they walked into the kitchen together and took a seat at the table. Tabitha, who was making a pot of tea, couldn't help but listen to the conversation.
    "Well, that's fantastic news!" she gushed, as she placed the pot on a tray with five cups and a jug of milk and carried it to where they sat.
    "Zoltan, Sammy... cup of tea!" she yelled to those in the rest of the house, before adding, "that means you can go visit her and see if there is more to her than meets the eye. Some of us could go with you, to give you a second opinion, if you like."
    Wyatt smiled and nodded, "that's not a bad idea, actually."
    Lilly's excitement was not easily contained as a grin spread almost from ear to ear as she let out a squeal of delight.
    Voices could be heard laughing and chatting as the two men of the house opened the kitchen door and walked in, at the same time as Jo came into the house via the back door, removing her coat. She didn't look happy.
    "I'm afraid you're going to have to put that visit on hold," she said sadly, "there's been another attack."
    This time the savage attack had not happened deep within the forest like before but in someone's home and it hadn't been at the hands of Frank Jensen, either.
    As soon as the group had returned from the mountains, Carmelo and Jo had immediately gone over to Frank Jensen's house to talk to him... and restrain him. Carmelo had no choice but to tie him up with heavy chains and lock him in the basement of his own home until they were ready to head back to the Elders. Frank had not attempted to flee. He just slumped in a seat and let them tie him up. He was disgusted with himself and he'd said to Carmelo, "I just want to die."
    "You won't feel that way soon, Frank. This hunger will pass. You will still need to feed but we can provide you with what you need without resorting to such brutal attacks. I promise you, Frank. We will look after you."
    In the meantime, Wyatt, John, Rose, Jo and Carmelo had taken shifts to watch him, just in case.
    The man had begged for forgiveness, telling them it was like a hunger he had never experienced before. That hunger for blood had left him wanting his own death.
    "I didn't know he was a man... I thought I could just feed from the bear. Where's the harm in that?" he asked, "I didn't know, I didn't know..." he sobbed in between the sudden bursts of violence when his eyes shone a deep shade of red and his fangs visibly appeared as he fought the monster within.
    Frank was fifty-six years old and had lived in Powell River his entire life. He had always been a sweet man, well liked, but since the death of his wife and their sixteen year old daughter in a car accident twenty years before, Frank had become something of a hermit. Hiding him from the public was therefore, not a difficult thing to do.
    More Elders had arrived to help watch him for a while, just in case he broke free of the chains during a violent episode.
    The news of the second

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