Death by Trial and Error (A Legal Suspense Short)

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Book: Death by Trial and Error (A Legal Suspense Short) by R. Barri Flowers Read Free Book Online
Authors: R. Barri Flowers
Tags: LEGAL, Suspense, Psychological, Romance, Fantasy, Mystery, Short Stories, Revenge, Murder, Womens
thought he could get away with it."
    "We'll see about that," Naku said, keeping an
open mind.
    "Does that mean you'll take the case?"
Kathryn pressed. "I don't want my sister's death to end up as
another unsolved homicide while her killer runs free."
    Naku didn't have to give it much thought at
this point. Since the police hadn't made any arrests yet, and the
case was still open, why not look into it. Also, there was
something about Kathryn Higuchi that piqued his interest and made
him want to keep the connection alive.
    "My fee is five hundred dollars an hour, plus
any unusual expenses I incur in the course of the investigation,"
he told her, in the event she had any second thoughts. "I typically
require a five thousand dollar retainer to take on a case that
looks like it could take a while."
    "As I said, I have no problem with your fees,
if it means getting to the bottom of why my sister lost her
    Naku knew he couldn't guarantee results, but
he told her sincerely, "I'll do my best to find the answers you're
looking for."
    Kathryn pulled out her checkbook and wrote a
check, handing it to him. "That should cover a week and any added
    "Indeed," Naku told her after gazing at the
check. "Mahalo."
    "Thank you for taking the case," she told
him, then dug in her handbag and pulled out a card containing her
address and cell phone number. "Please keep me informed as to what
you learn."
    "I will," he promised, meeting her lovely
    She stood. "I better go."
    Naku rose and walked her to the outer door,
when curiosity got the better of him. "By the way, who referred you
to me anyway?" He would be sure to thank the person.
    Kathryn looked him straight in the eye. "Why
it was Lieutenant Ortega of the Maui Police Department."
    Naku nodded with a smile. He and Ortega had
worked together during his days on the force and were on good
terms. Still, it wasn't every day that the man sent business his
way. Why?
    He showed Kathryn out just as Vanna stepped
out of her office. "Looks like we've got ourselves a client," she
    "Yeah, I'd say so," Naku responded.
    "And she's a hot lady too," Vanna said with a
wink. "I hope you'll be able to concentrate on the
    He grinned, conceding that Kathryn was
definitely his type. But then, so was Gayle. He wasn't too picky
about women, as long as they were energetic and fun loving.
    However, Kathryn Higuchi had hired him to do
a job and that had to come first.
    "I think I can manage," he said, "with your
help of course."
    "That's what you pay me for," she said
    "You can earn your keep by getting me
everything you can find regarding Suzette Higuchi-Bordeau's murder
as well as the lady herself."
    "Will do." She looked at him. "What are you
going to do now?"
    "I think I'll pay Lieutenant Ortega a visit
to see if he can fill in some blanks for me," Naku told her

Chapter Two
    The Maui Police Department was located in
Wailuku, the county seat of Maui County. Eddie Naku felt at home
and a little weird at the same time as he made his way through the
corridors, speaking briefly with ex-colleagues, en route to the
office of Lieutenant Paul Ortega.
    He came to a halt as homicide detective Leila
Kahana blocked his path.
    "What brings you back here, Naku?" she
    He grinned, recalling their brief fling back
in the day, before both wisely realized they weren't right for each
other. "I came to see Lieutenant Ortega," he told her.
    "Oh?" Her lashes fluttered. "Anything I might
be interested in?"
    He imagined she was interested in any ongoing
homicide cases for the department. "Yeah. The Suzette
Higuchi-Bordeau case."
    "What's your interest in it?"
    "Her sister hired me to look into it," he
    "And you're seeking Ortega's permission to
run with it?" Leila asked.
    He smiled. "Not exactly. But I do need to
talk to him, so..."
    "So I'm slowing you down. I get it." She
smiled. "I would say don't be a stranger, but something tells me
you won't be."

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