Darkening Chaos: Book Three of The Destroyer Trilogy

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Book: Darkening Chaos: Book Three of The Destroyer Trilogy by DelSheree Gladden Read Free Book Online
Authors: DelSheree Gladden
man ordered it! We’re not
leaving him alive!”
already broke into their compound and assaulted them. Aren’t they going to come
after me anyway?” I tell Daniel, more inclined to side with Milo. What’s one
more log on the fire at this point?
hand reaches over and wraps around mine. He slips the gun from my shaky grip in
one smooth motion, making Milo even more furious. “Nobody knows about the
Ciphers being freed, Libby. The Guardians are hiding it. They don’t want to
answer questions about why they were holding them in the first place and what
they have been doing to them. They won’t publicize us breaking into a compound
that’s supposed to be impenetrable, either. But if you slaughter an entire
compound, they won’t keep that secret. You say your destiny is a choice. Well,
it’s time to choose. We can kill them and beat out all our anger on them, but
what are the chances any of us will live long enough to see the rest of them come
arm falls to my side in defeat. Milo’s body clenches in frustration next to me.
“Don’t leave these monsters here to come back and murder more innocent people!”
Milo shouts.
really want me to kill them all?” I ask, surprised by his reaction, but sure
Daniel is right about this.
least this one,” Milo growls, pointing at the Seeker in front of us. The Seeker
tries to remain calm, but Milo’s livid expression makes him tremble. “One life
for the eighty-one he took. I think that’s more than fair.”
body twitches, the gun in his hand rising, then falling, begging to be used. I
agree with Daniel’s argument, no matter how much I wish I didn’t, but seeing
Milo so agitated convinces me even more. It makes me sick to turn away from the
Seeker without making him pay for what he’s done, but if we don’t leave now we
may end up having to fight our way out.
right,” I say to Milo, “let’s get out of here.”
anger more intense than anything I have ever seen before blasts through Milo’s
expression. “I won’t leave him here to kill anyone else.”
doesn’t move fast. His gun arm lifts with careful precision to meet the
Seeker’s head. The shot echoes through the room, leaving gun smoke and silence
in its wake. The stench of spent gunpowder burns through my sinuses. My eyes
water, but not from the smell. I stare at the Seeker as his body slumps to its
awkward, final position. The trickle of blood that runs down the side of his
face steals the last ounce of my strength.
stalks past me without a word.
try to follow, but I am too stunned to manage it. Daniel is the one who turns
me away from the dead Seeker and drags me toward the front doors as the sound
of helicopters fill the air. That gets everyone jumping. Dean ushers Helen and
her family through the mess of Guardians and Seekers and pushes them out the
doors. Milo turns back and grabs me from Daniel when he realizes I’m not moving
fast enough. I shy away, but he yanks me toward his car. He only makes it a few
steps before I pull my hand out of his and turn back to the lobby. Every eye in
the room is fixed on me. Panic seizes them as I tap my Naturalism one more time
and set them sinking. I spin away and rush past Milo down the steps. I have no
intention of killing them all. I just hope they won’t be fast enough to stop
the dead Seeker’s body from disappearing and taking along with it any evidence
of Milo’s actions.
    Angry Hope
    Milo shoves me into the
Bronco as helicopters start dropping onto the grass around the compound. I pull
away from him reflexively. Guardians dash out in a mad rush toward their
brothers, but we’re already driving away. The air rages with the noise of the machines.
Milo keeps looking behind us as we pull away, but I know we’re safe for now. When
I loosened up the marble again, I didn’t let it go fast enough to completely
cover everyone. In my head I’ve been

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