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Authors: S.C. Reynolds
take care of Henry while you sleep?” I suggested.
    “No, he still
needs a couple more doses of the antidote.”
    “I can do it,” I offered.
“I gave myself that shot before the meeting. Needles don’t bother me…anymore.”
    “No,” Lucas
repeated. “I’m going to see this through. Stay if you want – if you think
you won’t be in deep shit with your parents – or go home. The choice is
    “Well, even though
my parents are being a real pain, it could get worse,” I admitted. “Like if
they ground me. Can you imagine if Magnus tried to arrange another meeting and
I couldn’t go because I was grounded? ‘I’m sorry, former King of Hell, I can’t
meet you because my parents have forbidden me to leave the house,’” I said in a
mock serious voice.
    We both laughed.
It was so insane, so ridiculous.
    “I guess I’ll go
then,” I said reluctantly.
    “Do you feel
comfortable driving home?” Lucas asked.
    “Yeah,” I replied.
    Lucas pulled
himself up from his seat on the floor to walk me out. “I can come pick you up
when Henry’s better,” he offered.
    “Thanks.” I turned
to Lucas. “Tell me, why wouldn’t you let me stay here last night? And why did
you and Nicholas need to talk privately?”
    Lucas glanced back
at Henry, who was still sleeping soundly, and stepped outside his apartment,
motioning for me to follow. He shut the door behind us.
    “Remember when you
asked me turn Henry?” he said quietly.
    I nodded.
    “I don’t know if
it would have killed him, but I was considering trying it if the antidote
didn’t work.”
    “Really?” I was
taken aback. Lucas was adamant about not turning humans.
    “Yes, really. I
asked Nicholas if he thought it was a terrible idea. He confirmed that it was.”
Lucas laughed. “But then he said to do what I had to do.”
    “You could have
told me,” I said.
    “I wasn’t sure
what I was going to do,” Lucas admitted. “I was on the fence. Part of me was
dead set against it, but another part felt like I couldn’t let Henry die.”
    “I’m glad it
didn’t come to that,” I said.
    “Me, too. It was
touch and go for a while there. It’s been one hell of a night.”
    “And it’s all
because of my stupidity. You warned me over and over.”
    “It is what it
is,” Lucas said lightly. “Anyway, you should get going. I promise I will pick
you up and bring you here later, when I feel okay about leaving Henry home
alone.” Lucas gave me a playful push. “Now go.”
    I smiled. “Thanks
for everything, Lucas.” I leaned forward and hugged him.
    Lucas stepped back
into his apartment and I turned to leave. I glanced at my phone. I’d been gone
an hour. I really hope my parents haven’t noticed, or I will be in deep

Chapter 12
    Not only did my
parents notice that I was MIA for an hour, they were waiting for me, arms
folded, side-by-side on the couch, when I arrived home.
    “You guys are up
early,” I said, linking my hands behind my back in an attempt to hide my mom’s
    “We were thinking
the same thing about you,” my mom said. “I couldn’t believe it when I heard a
car – which I soon realized was my car – start at five
o’clock this morning.”
    “I didn’t want to
worry you,” I said innocently. “I had to go meet a friend.”
    “First you
disappear yesterday morning and are gone for half the day without telling us
anything; now you’re up at five on a Sunday to visit a friend?” my dad asked.
“Aurora, it doesn’t make sense. I’ve tried to give you the benefit of the
doubt. Hell, I’ve even defended your behavior, but this is the last
    “And what friend is this?” Mom demanded.
    “If you must know,”
I said, my mind racing, “I had to pick up Kelly from a party. She drank too
much. You wouldn’t want me to let one of my best friends drink and drive, now
would you?!”
    “Who is Kelly?”
Mom asked suspiciously.
    The first name
that popped into my

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