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Authors: Michel Moore
here’s the deal. Amateur night is tonight about ten. If you do good up on that stage shaking that ass, my man Zack will get you all the way plugged in every night.” His preaching continued. “Oh yeah, you should make sure your hair and nails are tight. Oh yeah, and make sure you shave under your arms. When I see hoes up there swing upside down on the pole with gorilla hair in them pits, a nigga get sick to his stomach.” Ty was going on and on, making Kenya madder and madder.
    â€œHold the fuck up, Negro! You going too damn far with this bullshit you trying to kick! When the fuck have you ever known my shit not to be topnotch and on point, please believe?” Kenya was fed up with Ty’s store-bought pimp impression. “Look just call me later!” she screamed out in total frustration, slamming the phone down in his ear.
    As she sat there Kenya, now in total hustle mode, started to think about the half-ass naked outfits she had in the closet and a pair of spiked heels just right for driving the average man out his mind. In the zone, it was then that she decided to partake in her regular “breakfast of champions”—a big-ass blunt. Deeply inhaling, she turned the television on. Still on the video channel from the night before, she got her a quick head-banging routine together guaranteed to make some cash.
    Nightfall took its sweet time arriving. It was 8:45 p.m. and Ty had just called saying he was on his way to pick her up. Not in the least bit nervous, Kenya excitedly got her small-sized duffel bag together with two “scandalous even in the nighttime” outfits she’d picked out, and a towel. Her face was beat, looking just right. She had just got finished applying M•A•C high-gloss lipstick and her lashes were long. Damn, bitch, you the shit! She snapped her fingers in front of the mirror.
    Beep, beep, beep.
    Kenya heard Ty pull up in front of her house and blow his horn. She quickly reached down, swooping up her designer bag, throwing the strap across her shoulder. Grabbing her keys and cell phone, she took a deep breath. After one last quick glance in the mirror, she was out the door, headed for her new future and hopefully the road to riches. Reaching for the doorknob, the house phone started to ring as Kenya turned back, securing the last deadbolt lock.
    Exhausted and worn out, both London and Fatima had made their way through a long list of longwinded distinguished speakers, knowledgeable alumni and upperclassmen, teachers, and various presentations. Staying up the night before talking and unpacking was starting to take its toll on the weary freshmen.
    â€œGirl, I can’t wait to get back to that bed. I’m so tired I think I’m going to pass out right here on this ground!” London stretched as she yawned, fighting back the urge to go to sleep on one of the benches that lined the way back toward their dorm.
    â€œI know how you feel.” No sooner had Fatima barely gotten the last word out of her mouth than she was unexpectedly interrupted by a tall, handsome man with light brown eyes. He extended his arm, reaching out to shake each of the girls’ hands as he confidently introduced himself.
    â€œWell hello, ladies, how are you both doing?” He was so smooth with his tone and overall demeanor both girls could hardly move, let alone speak to respond to his question.
    London was the first to regain her composure. “Oh fine, we were, uh, uh, uh . . .” She was stumbling with her words, struggling to get a clear thought, something that she almost never did.
    By that time, Fatima, also dumbfounded, snapped out of her trance, coming to her girl’s rescue. “Hell, we’re both doing well. We just came from the freshmen orientation in the plaza.”
    â€œYes, I know. I was just at the orientation myself. I saw both you ladies over there. I’m Sanford Kincade.” His smile was ultra bright

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