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again, and Sorvar’s hand tightened around hers. Tina inched closer to him. If everything went to shit, at least they were together.
    The captain’s chair was not far behind the male at the control panel, but raised up on a little dais, like a dictator. A few steps up from the captain’s chair there were two more consoles, one on the left and one on the right, and that was about it. Behind each of those control panels above the captain’s chair, screens with data scrolling across their surface and images and diagrams of the ship covered the walls. Lights flashed across the screens, and for the first time since the alarm had come on, reality set in, and Tina’s stomach clenched.
    Flashing lights were usually a warning. When Medical equipment flashed at you, you paid attention. It always meant something was wrong.
    Someone was attacking them! Some unknown people were attacking them. Who would do such a thing? Of course, they weren’t in Coalition space anymore, so that meant it could be anybody.
    Sorvar said something Tina didn’t catch in his deep voice. Then the screen blinked, and she was staring at one of the most hideous species she’d ever seen. Bile rose in her throat, and she had to take deep breaths to stop herself from throwing up.
    It was like the Morgath, but... not. The overall shape was there, large, winged, lizard-like with scales and a snout with lots of sharp looking teeth, but that was where the similarities ended.
    A disgusting yellow slime oozed from between widely spaced olive green scales. She couldn’t imagine having to touch it, to have that gunk on her. One bulging black eye stared right at her. The other was white with a wicked looking scar slashing across the lid. Tina shuddered, the skin on the back of her neck prickling as nausea made her stomach roll.
    Sorvar’s hand tightened around hers as the creature hissed out what sounded like a laugh.
    “Little Prince Sorvar. I never expected one of Nardoc’s sons to be the male who mated. Look at you, so pretty. Who knew the humans would combine so beautifully with the Morgath,” the alien on the screen said.
    A loud growl ripped from Sorvar, and heat boiled inside Tina and almost drove her to her knees with the unexpected force. So that was the kind of relationship the Morgath had with this species. She couldn’t look away from the vile creature on the screen, even though she wanted to. It was like watching someone die. You didn’t really want to see it, but you couldn’t look away.
    “What do you want, Crasgich? Why have you attacked us and broken the truce?”
    Sorvar’s harsh voice cutting across Tina’s skin felt like a honed blade.
    “Oh, I want what you have, Sorvar, and I’m going to get it. She’s such a pretty little thing isn’t she? I wonder if she’ll still be beautiful after she’s bred the next generation of Crasgich. I’ve heard a lot about the breeding capabilities of humans, but first I’m going to destroy your ship and hand that pretty body of yours to my sons for a little fun. Then I’m going to fuck your new mate until she’s screaming and begging me to stop. I might even let you watch.”
    An uncontrollable wildfire raged through Tina as Sorvar roared. She cried out and stumbled back as he exploded beside her. Her hand stayed clenched in his, long lethal talons now digging into her skin. She looked up at him from an arm’s distance away, her body rooted to the spot. Good god, he was huge. She gaped up at him.
    He was no longer a mere seven feet—his head brushed the ceiling, and his wings swept out at his sides to touch the consoles on either side of the room. His beautiful golden skin that she’d stroked just a short while ago was gone. The leather straps of his breastplate must have snapped with the force of his change, because it lay at his feet. His boots were in shreds under his taloned feet.
    He was Morgath, but he was more. Massive and intimidating, he towered over the other males by two feet. The

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