Chronicles of Eden - Act IV

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Book: Chronicles of Eden - Act IV by Alexander Gordon Read Free Book Online
Authors: Alexander Gordon
the others, all of them talking amongst each other and not noticing the girl was awake. Jacqueline held in her growl as she slowly turned to face her sister, still being hidden from view by the others while she snuggled closer to Jovian under the blanket.
    “We’ve been pretending to be asleep for hours, this is boring,” she whined.
    Jovian sighed then moved her hand forward under the blanket, with Jacqueline then holding in her gasp as she was pulled closer to her sister by her crotch.
    “No, don’t tease me like this, that’s not fair,” Jacqueline whined silently, then held a hand over her mouth as Jovian pushed two fingers into her pussy and started stirring them around slowly.
    “You were the one complaining, now be quiet otherwise they’ll know we’re awake,” Jovian said quietly with a smirk as her sister blushed and shut her eyes. Jovian’s other hand slipped around to Jacqueline’s rear, with the blonde girl trembling and holding in her gasp as Jovian started to play with her ass as well.
    While the sisters remained mostly quiet and motionless the others were trying to decide their next move, which nobody had a solution for.
    “This isn’t good,” Daniel said worriedly. “We’re about an hour’s trip away from the village, do you think she even came this way?”
    “Maybe she flew off in this direction,” Specca wondered as she drew her finger away from their location towards a small forest to the south.
    “No,” Alyssa replied while pointing to another spot on the map. “That would mean she would have had to come through here to get there by now, that would have been too dangerous going through here.”
    Squeak squeaked a few times and pointed to another section, with Alyssa and Specca shaking their heads while Daniel started to think they were never going to see Luna again.
    “No, she wouldn’t have gone that way,” Specca reasoned. “It would have taken her back closer to the lycans, and she was trying to get away from that area.”
    “Do you think she went this way still?” Daniel wondered. “Maybe she left the child at the human village ahead of us.”
    “Luna may not be a straight thinker,” Specca reasoned. “But I would assume not even she would be foolish enough to go into a human village, let alone with a human child.”
    “Why not?” Daniel asked. “She was trying to protect that kid, right? Wouldn’t she want to take her into a village where she would be with other humans?”
    “It’s one thing to approach a human village, Daniel,” Specca informed him. “If Luna were to get too close she would have been chased off for being a monster. She’s rather harmless and doesn’t look threatening; the humans would likely scare her off with threats and swords but wouldn’t bother to hunt her down. But if she had a human child with her, the people would have gone after her in a riot and killed her.”
    Alyssa shook her head and eyed the map carefully.
    “Monsters may prey on men and chase away women, but only truly evil and despicable monsters mess with children,” she explained. “I’m not proud to admit that witches can fall into that category, although I’ve never harmed a kid in my life. But there are some monsters that don’t care if a human is young and innocent.”
    “It’s a very serious offense,” Specca added. “If a monster is seen near a human child, especially out here in The Outerlands, humans will try to kill it on sight. They’re protective of their young after all.”
    “But Luna is trying to help save that child,” Daniel reasoned. “Doesn’t that make her a good monster?”
    “Daniel,” Alyssa said with a glance at him. “Not everyone in this world thinks monsters can even be good. That’s what you’re out here to prove, remember?”
    “She’s right,” Specca agreed. “The bottom line is even if Luna is trying to help Emily she can’t be seen with her near other humans, otherwise she’ll be placing a death warrant on her own

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