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Book: Breaking Brandon (Fate) by Elizabeth Reyes Read Free Book Online
Authors: Elizabeth Reyes
out tonight or something because her hair is down and she wasn’t wearing glasses. I thought she was sexy before but damn .” He lowered his voice a little since the door to the office was still half open. “Swear to God I’d risk my job and fuck her in the bathroom if she’d let me. I mean, shit, the girl’s got it going on. I just about popped a boner, watching her walk down the hall.”
    Inappropriate . Technically, as Rodriguez’s superior, Brandon could tell him so and end the conversation right there, but he never had before, and Rodriguez had always been this vivid with his stories. Since Brandon had only been here a little over a week, he didn’t want to make a big stink about some raunchy guy talk amongst them. He always figured, since it was in the privacy of their own office and most of the stories Rodriguez told were of past conquests or women outside the base, it was no big deal.
    “And she’s gotta be at least a full C cup. Damn,” Rodriguez laughed. “I’m getting a chubby just thinking about—”
    “Well then, stop,” Brandon said, sounding more annoyed than authoritative, so he cleared his throat before he continued. “She works in the same building. If someone outside this office,” he motioned toward the open door, “gets wind of you talking like this, I may have to write your ass up. In fact,” Brandon turned his chair around to face him, glad Rodriguez had been stupid enough to make the comment about risking getting fired, “based on what you just said, I don’t wanna see or even hear that you’ve been anywhere near her. Unlike you, I’m not about to risk my job. So to play it safe and not force me to keep an eye out for what you might be doing behind closed doors around here, I’d be more comfortable if we just make the sexy little thing off limits to you. Is that understood?”
    Rodriguez and Evans exchanged humorous glances , and before either of them could ask if he was serious, because Brandon had never been more so in his life, he asked again, only this time he used that tone he was known for using out in the field. “I asked you a question, Rodriguez. Is that understood?”
    The moment it registered in Rodriguez’s face that Brandon was indeed serious was a little too satisfying. He didn’t even care if they thought him an asshole. His reputation had preceded him, so these two shouldn’t even have been surprised.
    “Understood, sir.” Rodriguez nodded, the smile he’d worn just moments ago completely gone. “And I apologize if—”
    “No need for that.” Brandon turned around to face his screen again. “As long as I don’t see you anywhere near her, we’re good.”
    That last part was even more satisfying than shutting Rodriguez up, but it was also a bit disturbing because Brandon knew making Ms. Brady off limits to Rodriguez was not at all for the reason he explained it was. His subconscious was already making decisions he didn’t approve of.
    His o nly hope now was that, after this, Rodriguez would change his mind about getting together for drinks tonight. Aside from knowing Rodriguez would be staying the hell away from Ms. Brady, which shouldn’t be a good thing—yet it sure as hell felt good—getting out of his night with the guys would be the other good thing about this unanticipated confrontation.
    Unfortunately, before the day was over, Rodriguez once again apologized to Brandon about his behavior and said he was looking forward to having drinks with him later that evening. So much for hoping he’d burned that bridge.

    Chapter Seven
    Trying not to do the middle school girl thing and squeal when Janecia walked up to the outdoor table where Regina was sitting, she still jumped up and hugged her tight. “Oh my God, it’s so good to see you,” she said as she continued to squeeze her friend.
    Finally pulling away, Janecia laughed. “It’s good to see you too, G. It’s been just too long.”
    “I know!” Regina said,

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