Bound by the Buccaneer

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Book: Bound by the Buccaneer by Normandie Alleman Read Free Book Online
Authors: Normandie Alleman
Tags: Erótica, Historical, Literature & Fiction, BDSM, Romantic Erotica
his tongue from the apex of her sex down her inner lips and into her soft, wet hole.
    Smashing his face between her legs, he rubbed his nose against her clit and licked inside her warm, wet channel. Edward held onto one of her legs and Miles held the other. They each used their other hand to caress her. Edward stroked her right arm and Miles fondled her left breast. They stood on either side of the table allowing her to receive attention from three sides.
    “Jerk our cocks,” Miles directed. Without hesitation she reached out and grabbed Miles’ and Edward’s cocks, one in each hand performing the movement Gaston had taught her.
    Now, as Pugwash worked her cunt with his mouth and she and the other men pleasured each other, a serene sense of shared ecstasy filled the room. Functioning as a one carnal machine, the four of them worked as a team toward the goal of shared bliss. The unique experience was heavenly. Edward and Miles both looked down at her with lust-filled gazes so intense that she had to shut her eyes to them. The bliss of it was too much. Behind closed lids she was able to absorb every sensation her body felt and focus on it.
    The tension between her legs built with every lap of Pugwash’s soft tongue. He inserted a finger into her cunt and finger-fucked her hard, his tongue riding back and forth over her plumped swollen clit. Just then she felt fingers playing with her nipples, turning them into tight buds of need. Then her nipples were being pinched and pulled, and her clit manipulated into such divine agony that she doubted she could stand much more. Every muscle in her body tightened preparing for her impending orgasm.
    She fluttered her eyes open for a moment. The tableau of two men holding her legs splayed, rendering her helpless, the sight of three men all fondling, pinching, sucking, licking, caressing her—all of it together sent her tumbling over the edge.
    Her orgasm was sharp, so intense that her legs shook and she writhed beneath them flinging her head from side to side. Animalistic sounds sprang from her mouth, and she jerked for several minutes until her body finally became her own again.
    She lay spent on the table vaguely aware of the thin veil of perspiration on her brow and little else. She’d all but forgotten the group of men surrounding her until Miles smoothed her hair back from her forehead and said in a sexy voice, “I told you we would take care of you.”
    Pugwash swiped an arm across his mouth, smearing her juices along it. “I do love to dine on a juicy cunt, especially when the owner is as purty as you.” He handed her a cup and she took a swig of whatever swill it contained. While his words were crass, coming from him they seemed almost charming.
    “Now, could we impose upon you to climb onto your hands and knees, Frederica?” Miles asked.
    She was embarrassed to hoist her naked ass in the air on a table which now seemed to be serving as a platform or a stage of some sort, but she couldn’t see how she could refuse his request so she complied with wobbly limbs.
    Pugwash circled the table, assessing her admiringly. He finally stopped and faced her.
    She craned her neck to see what the other men were doing. Edward and Miles were staring at her ass and talking to each other in low voices. She couldn’t hear what they were saying and expected they’d intended it that way. What would they do to her next?
    Looking back at Pugwash who held his cock loosely in his hand, she found herself smiling at him despite herself. Edward and Miles were more attractive than he was, but after the mind-numbing orgasm he’d just given her, her esteem for Pugwash was on the rise.
    “Frederica, I doubt you’ve taken two men at a time before. Am I mistaken?” Miles asked her as coolly as if he’d asked her if she took sugar in her tea.
    She shook her head no.
    “I didn’t think so. But you are game? We will make it easy for you.”
    Miles had such an assuring way about him, Frederica

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