Blue Christmas (The Moody Blue Trilogy | Book One)

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Book: Blue Christmas (The Moody Blue Trilogy | Book One) by Diane Moody Read Free Book Online
Authors: Diane Moody
    She struggled out of his grasp, fumbling with her keys, anxious to avoid
another attack. Too late. She fell through the opening door, pushing him away
at arm’s length.
    “STOP IT! I hate to be tickled! I mean it! Do NOT tickle me anymore!”
    He held his hands up in surrender. “Okay, okay—I get the message.” He
looked around her apartment. “This is really nice, Hannah. Feels really—”
    “Cozy? I know it’s kinda small. But I’m not here that much. It’s really
all I need right now.”
    “No, it’s nice. We’ve all built these absurd houses and we’re never home
either. A house is a house.” He gave himself a tour as Hannah snatched up stray
socks and blue jeans.
    “Sorry for the mess, but I wasn’t expecting company, for the record.”
    He balked with a snort. “Tell me you’re not apologizing to me. I’m
a pig. You should see my hotel rooms on tour. If we didn’t have a stylist, I’d
never get dressed on time. Kinda sad to be twenty-seven years old and still need
someone to dress you.”
    “Somehow I doubt she minds.”
    “Actually she does. She gets tired of how childish we act most of the
time. But hey, she gets paid a truckload for putting up with us. So what time
do you want me to come back and pick you up?”
    Hannah stopped, then slowly put the pile of clothes in an easy chair.
“Look, Jason—”
    “Don’t even think about it. You’re coming and that’s settled. Mom would
have a fit if you didn’t.”
    “But it’s your family. They’re all coming over to see you . I’ll
just be in the way. I’d love to see you again, but maybe today’s not the best
    “Nope. I’m not
leaving you alone on Christmas so forget it. You’ll love my family. And they’ll
love you too. Besides,” he added, turning back toward the door, “I won you for
a week, and don’t you forget it.” He opened the door, tossing an arrogant
glance over his shoulder.
    “I don’t know. I’ll think about it.”
    “Gevin’s coming over, y’know,” he taunted her. “And I think JT might drop
by. His mom is on a shoot over in Australia, so he said he might bring Tracey
over. If you won’t come for me, surely you’ll come to meet the guys? Hmmm?” His
eyebrows danced again.
    She shook her head, her smile weary. “You never give up, do you?”
    He tiptoed back to her, furiously mussed her hair, then headed back toward
the open door. “Nope, I don’t. How about I pick you up around 5:00? And don’t make me wait. I’d hate to have to take back your gift.”
    “My gift?”
    “Gotcha. Now I know you’ll come. See you at 5:00. And get some sleep. I
don’t mean to be rude, but girl, you look beat.” His face morphed into an I’m-in-trouble-now sneer. He narrowly escaped the pillow she threw at him as he slipped out
the door.
    Hannah fell onto her sofa. She grabbed another throw pillow, pounding her
head into it over and over. “Have I lost my mind?!”

    Hannah climbed into a purple pullover sweater as her cell chirped. She
looked at the clock. Four fifty-five. Not good timing for a phone call. She
wanted to be totally ready when Jason came. She plopped on the edge or her bed
and picked up her cell. Her boss’s name appeared on the screen. “Hi Jim. I
didn’t expect to hear from you so soon.” She grabbed her black trouser socks
then leaned over to pull one on.
    “Hi Hannah, how are you?”
    She grimaced, wishing she didn’t have to be reminded of her long work
week ahead. “I’m fine. How did the funeral go?” Another grimace. “Oh, I’m sorry.
That’s a stupid question—”
    “Hey, it’s okay. I know what you meant to say. The funeral went about
like you’d expect. Sandy is still pretty upset, but that’s normal under the circumstances,
I guess. But I wanted to let you know I’m back.”
    “What?” She stopped tugging up the other sock.
    “I decided she needed more time with her immediate family, and I wouldn’t
really be missed. And you know

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