Between Embers (Lost Kings MC #5.5): A Companion to White Heat: Three Short Stories

Read Online Between Embers (Lost Kings MC #5.5): A Companion to White Heat: Three Short Stories by Autumn Jones Lake - Free Book Online

Book: Between Embers (Lost Kings MC #5.5): A Companion to White Heat: Three Short Stories by Autumn Jones Lake Read Free Book Online
Authors: Autumn Jones Lake
envelope out of my pocket and hand it to Rock. “Wedding present. I think he was insulted he didn’t get an invite.”
    “For fuck’s sake,” he curses under his breath, grabbing the envelope and setting it on the dresser without opening it. “With the crews we have coming in, that’s all we would have needed.”
    Imagining that scenario makes me laugh and Rock glares at me. “What? Come on, that’d be some funny shit.”
    “More like Loco would be trying to make deals with everyone behind our backs,” Wrath says.
    Rock doesn’t even turn around. “Exactly.”
    “He’s already got something set up with Sway.”
    “Yeah, can you imagine him trying to work a deal with Stump?” Wrath’s mouth curls into a smirk. “That old bastard would probably shoot Loco.” He chuckles as if he’s reconsidering inviting Loco up.
    “I don’t want anything going wrong today.” Rock’s so damn tense. When he’s not looking, I make a what the fuck face at Wrath.
    “Hope imposed a no sex before the wedding thing on him,” Wrath explains.
    Rock glares at him. “Shut up.”
    Well, that explains it. I take a more serious look at my best friend. I’ve known Rock since we were teenagers. Was there for his first shitshow of a marriage.
    “You did good, prez. She’s a keeper,” I say to reassure him. Just in case.
    He responds with a brief smile. “Don’t I know it.”
    The three of us have been friends for a long damn time. Before the club. And we love to joke around, razz each other, and generally act like obnoxious fucks. But Rock turns to both of us with a serious expression. “Thank you for everything. I know I’m throwing a lot on both of you today—”
    Wrath isn’t one for all the feel-good shit. “Anything you need. You know that, brother.”
    Rock’s phone buzzes. Thank fuck. For a second I thought we were all going to kick back and pluck our eyebrows together.
    “Shit,” Rock grumbles, looking at his phone. “It’s Damon. Can you go meet them down the road and show them the way here?”
    Eager to get out of here, I’m saying yes before he even finishes the sentence. Wrath stands to join me, but I stop him. “I got it, bro.”
    He flips me off. Happy to have something useful to do, I hustle out the door.

    “ I ’M BACK ,” I call out as I enter Trinity’s room waving the bottle of topcoat in the air.
    “Thank God,” Trinity says, rushing over to take the bottle out of my hand.
    No one asks why I took so damn long. Good thing, because I’m too busy reliving my moments with Z. He seemed different somehow today. Do guys get fluttery romantic feelings at weddings the way some women do?
    Guys like Z? Doubt it.
    I certainly don’t.
    I’m thrilled for Hope, but I’m not standing here mentally picking out flowers and designing a wedding dress.
    While Trinity paints Hope’s nails, I duck into the bathroom to slip into my bridesmaid dress. Hope’s been a fun, un-fussy bride. She let us pick out whatever we wanted, didn’t expect elaborate parties, or any other bridezilla nonsense. The wedding really is about the two of them and their love for each other. Even someone as jaded as I am finds it sweet.
    Once I’ve secured my boobs and zipped my dress, I step out in time to watch Trinity fix Hope’s hair.
    We indulge in a lot of pre-wedding banter until it’s time for Z to come collect us.
    Other than trading in his jeans for a pair of gray cargo pants, he looks the same as always.
    “You didn’t dress up for the wedding?” I tease as I follow the girls outside.
    “Sure I did.” He grins, pointing to his pants and flashing dimples.
    Z’s drives Hope, Trinity and me to the wedding site. Heidi’s with Murphy. Teller gets Mara. When Hope first explained the wedding was happening at the clubhouse, I thought she was nuts. But as we maneuver through the woods in the UTV, I understand why. It’s beautiful.
    I can’t imagine the trouble Trinity must have gone to setting this up. Guilt

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