Amish Passion (Erotic Romance) (Amish Heart Trilogy)

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Book: Amish Passion (Erotic Romance) (Amish Heart Trilogy) by Miranda Rush Read Free Book Online
Authors: Miranda Rush
Ejaculate trickled out of her and coagulated milky white and slimy with the shower water which was growing quite cool. 
    He held her closely, not wanting to leave her either.  With trembling hand, he turned off the water.               
    “Did I hurt you?”
    “Did you like it?”
    She lifted her head and laughed. 
    “Couldn’t you tell?”
    “Well, you sounded like you liked it.”
    Getting her out of the shower, he dried her off. 
    As she got dressed, she pondered on her double life.  Her few stolen hours with Nick each week were more real to her than all the rest of the time in her world.  With the exception of Sarah and the precious few moments that Leah was cognizant of her presence, there seemed little else for her.  She knew Nick wanted her to live with him, marry him even.  She was glad for this and yet troubled at the same time.  She was glad because she wanted to give it to him.  She was troubled because she didn’t feel it was hers to give.
    She wondered how long Nick would wait patiently.  She didn’t expect it to be forever, nor did she want it to be forever.  If she were to say what she was waiting for, she would not have been able to answer.  Maybe it was a sign from God.  Maybe it was her actions coming to fruition.  And maybe, it was exactly what did happen.

Chapter Eight

    Rebekah sat in her bedroom as the sun was going down, dolefully reviewing the day’s events.   Early in the morning, her mother had driven a buggy over to say that Leah was once more in the hospital.  Abandoning everything but Rachel, Rebekah climbed into the van with the rest of the Bontrager clan.  Absently, she noticed that Ezekiel had also closed up his shop and come along in the van to the hospital.  Why?  She’s not his sister , had been her only thought.  She was too concerned about the fate of her sister to wonder about his actions any further. 
    Is God punishing Leah again for my sin?  No, Nick says that God isn’t like that.   She squeezed a handkerchief tightly between her hands and blinked back tears.  Would Leah die this time?  Rachel, oblivious to the severity of the emotions around her, cooed and gurgled.  Ezekiel sat beside Rebekah, not touching her, not speaking.  What else is new?   Sarcasm, something not known to the Amish, filled her. 
    She wanted to tell herself that Leah was dying again and once again, it was all her fault.  But this time, it didn’t quite fit together.  This time although she was still haunted by guilt, she realized at some level that her feelings of shame were unfounded.  This has nothing to do with me.  It was not caused by Nick and me . Yet her remorse made her sorrow that much more poignant.  She felt like she was being physically pierced by sharp objects. 
    At the hospital, she found that Leah had suffered a stroke and was in a coma.  No hope was offered for her recovery.  Rebekah sat, holding her comatose sister’s hand, thinking of the boys they had made fun of in school and how they had giggled about which ones they liked.  Leah had been more of a friend than a sister, really; she had been her best friend.  Now she was a lifeless shell, with tubes and wires going into her and a bag hooked on the side of her bed, collecting urine. 
    She could be like this the rest of her life.  She’s only twenty one.  It didn’t seem fair.  Leah never had a harsh word for anyone, not until the day that Rebekah told her she was pregnant with Nick’s child.  Leah had been so upset then that she had slapped her.  Soon after that, she had hemorrhaged during childbirth and her heart had stopped beating long enough to give her brain damage.  Rebekah had long felt badgered by feelings of regret, thinking that it was somehow her fault.  Now all she regretted was that they couldn’t take back the hard words.  She wished, with all her heart, they could have more time together. 
    Despite their, Rebekah and Ezekiel

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