A Mermaid’s Wish

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Book: A Mermaid’s Wish by Viola Grace Read Free Book Online
Authors: Viola Grace
Tags: Romance, mermaid, Science Ficton Opera
    Taem-sah watched as yet another stunning candidate for the new Hekart colony sashayed her way past Taem’s desk. The women always looked so stunned when they realised they were going to have to deal with the plain creature behind the desk to open the door.
    The woman with brilliant red hair that looked just too bright to be natural, swayed toward Taem. “I have an appointment.”
    Taem remained calm. “Your name?”
    “Please have a seat. He is with the previous appointment right now.” She smiled politely and the woman huffed off, taking a seat in the waiting area while the social designer finished his interview with the fourth candidate of the day.
    As soon as she sat, Madsiim took out a mirror and started primping. Taem shuddered. That could have been her. It would have been if not for the wish she made as a child. She had just wanted to be normal, average and unremarkable. She had gotten her wish.
    Every day, Taem came to the research centre and sat at her desk, helping Dr. Nordal-jak prepare for the next phase of colonization.
    When yet another beautiful candidate left the office, she opened the com. “Dr. Nordal, the next candidate is here.”
    It was a headset, so she was able to hear his frustrated groan. “Wonderful. Who picked these women?”
    “You did, Dr. Nordal. I have the alternate list if you would care to see it.”
    “I will let you know after this interview. Send her in; make sure her hair clears the door. It was a near thing on the last one.”
    Taem stifled her amusement, and she looked at Madsiim. “The doctor will see you now.”
    Madsiim stood up and scowled. “I thought he was a designer.”
    Taem didn’t bother answering her, merely unlocked the door and watched the woman walk through.
    Ten minutes later, the vain creature left the office with a smile. The women always smiled when they left. They had just met a member of the royal family, after all.
    A shadow fell across her desk. “Good day, Taem-sah, my brother free for lunch?”
    Taem looked up, and her heart stuttered in her chest. “He just finished his last interview but he may be a little queasy, Your Highness.”
    Sardu-jak was everything a prince should be but rarely was. Tall, intelligent and stunning, his mer form was perfectly proportioned and gratifyingly exotic. Standing in front of her, his blue hair drooped attractively over one eye, making women all over the kingdom long to move it aside.
    “I have told you to call me Sardu.”
    “And I have told you to wipe your feet. You seem to have something stuck to you.” She gestured behind him at the woman hovering in the doorway.
    He sighed. “She is one of the counsellors vying for the position on the colony. She wants to speak to Nordal and plead her case.”
    Taem took a look at the woman. “She was rejected due to personal instability. She has an obsession with gaining a noble title and feels that if she lands on the colony, she will have her pick of the second sons that are making their way on the new world.”
    Taem got up from her desk and opened Nordal’s door, briefing him on the situation. He nodded. “Do you have that list for me?”
    She handed him the stack of documents in her right hand.
    He whistled. “How many are on here?”
    “Three hundred and ninety-four suitable candidates. They all have practical educations, true life skills and the spirit necessary to make a new world into a home.”
    “Physically, they are all sound but most are of average appearance. I know you wanted to design a more attractive species, but you can do that with manipulation a few generations down the road. For now, you need a stable population. These women can give you that. Oh, and they are all above average in the stamina and hunting department.”
    He looked at her with a raised eyebrow a shade darker than his brother’s. “You seem passionate about this.”
    “It is stupid to start a new society with women who can’t even

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