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Authors: Charlene Hartnady
managed to remain outwardly calm. If his
king ever found out about the events of a year and a half ago, he was finished.
other male finally nodded. “Is this related in any way to what happened to
Zane? Do you think it is the same hate group that did this?”
shrugged. “I sent two of my males in pursuit of the van but unfortunately they
already had too much of a head start. We had to call in the human authorities
since it happened on human territory. There was no evidence, although some of
the test results are not back yet. Captain Jackson will be in touch with me
should anything change.” Gideon took a deep breath. “I might be wrong, but I do
not think that the events are related. This was more an act of vandalism where as
the attack on Zane was much more serious.”
nodded. “I agree. Keep me informed should anything of interest come back from
the humans.” His leader sighed heavily. “Also, keep an eye on York. I want to
be briefed if he leaves our territory and when he returns. My sources tell me
that he reeked of human female this morning even though he left the ‘meet and
greet’ early last night.” The other male clenched his jaw for a few long
seconds. “I think that he is still fooling around with that human. Lord help
him if that’s true.”
fucking example needs to be made,” Brant growled. “I’m turning into a
first-class pussy. I won’t tolerate any more insubordination. Not from him or
anyone else for that matter.”

Chapter 5
days later…
was obviously into pure torture. At this vantage point, at a well placed window
on the west side of the castle, Gideon had the perfect view of the lawn area
next to the lake. He’d been watching a group of humans that had decided to go
for a group jog.
front of a whole bunch of training males. He pulled out the two-way radio from
one of his side pockets, immediately requesting backup to that area of the
grounds. What the fuck did they think they were doing? All that half exposed
human skin was bound to cause a riot. They wore little shorts and even smaller
least, three of the ladies were dressed that way, the fourth wore sweatpants
and a baggy shirt.
is team two. Over,” sounded a static voice from his radio.
Gideon almost choked as the group took off at a slow jog. His eyes glued to the
female in the baggy outfit. Jenna . “Get your asses to the west side of
the castle…stat.”
the garments hung on her, they also did nothing to hide her curves. For
whatever reason, she had lost weight since… He clenched his jaw, not wanting to
think back on that time. The best and the worst time of his life.
hard as he tried, Gideon could not drag his eyes away from her moving form. Her
face was set in determination. Her little hands were clenched into fists which she
pumped at her sides. He was fucked if he couldn’t take his eyes off of her
breasts, which bounced in time to her footfalls. Didn’t she know that sports
bras had been invented? Fuck! He was going to have to buy her one.
was forced to clench his teeth even tighter as the group of females passed by.
Gideon groaned as he caught sight of her ass. Even though he couldn’t actually
see it. It didn’t matter because his hands still itched to touch and his mouth
watered to taste. His dick actually twitched beneath his zipper. His body had
taken on a mind of its own. What was she even still doing here?
males had all stopped to stare. Their eyes tracking the females as they jogged.
Their bodies tightened, fists clenched. He was sure he caught a whiff of pure
testosterone in the air. Thank fuck, none of them made any comments or attempts
to approach the females.
had to stop.
couldn’t have her here. Besides, what he had seen seven months ago meant that Jenna
most definitely had lied on the questionnaire. She might not have a mate
anymore, although

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