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Authors: Robert Michael
Tags: Espionage, Action, spy, James Bond, Jason Bourne
to think if he just stared at the
tarmac. His head ached from the plane ride, his ears still adjusting to the
relative silence of the base. He could see the reflection of halogen lights on
the tarmac in front of him and assumed he was being marched toward a hangar. He
wanted badly to just look up.
    By his best calculation, it was around ten o’clock, but his
little nap may have skewed his internal clock. He shuffled along, his captors
still flanking him. They were all shorter than him, but heavily muscled, built
like fire hydrants with legs. He could only see their boots and pants legs, but
nothing he saw could be remotely confused for Government Issue.
    They stopped and the barrel of a M16 was placed under his
chin. The guards in front had parted and flanked him. Two people stood before
him, a halo of light blurring their features. The taller one walked forward as
Jake squinted.
    “Glad to have you back, Jake,” Eilif said.
    Somehow, Jake was not surprised. Revenge was such a powerful
emotion. He could attest to that. He was feeling the same thing right now. It
completely formed his resolve.
    “Nice to be back,” he quipped.
    Eilif shook his head.
    “You don’t even know why you are here. Have they completely
wiped your memory, Jake? It would be too bad for you if we have to re-program
you. You might not survive this time. From what I understand of the process, it
is one step from a lobotomy.”
    Jake smirked.
    “If I had more brain to work with, I might be scared.”
    “Your humor is weak, Mr. Monday. If you were not absolutely
crucial to our plans, you would not be here now.”
    “How about you? Why are you here? I thought you were in jail.”
    He shrugged.
    “Out on good behavior. Mr. Monday, I know it seems that I am
a small player in this drama. However, your recruitment was my idea in the
first place. Someone who is a common enemy to both of us plotted to use you against
    “I wish I cared. I thought it was unusual I did not just
kill you.”
    “Alas, it was against your programming. Clever little
component that will compel you to turn on yourself before you will actually
take my life.”
    “So, why Peterson?”
    “Why indeed? I feel at home here among these frosty peaks. Our
bunker is a few miles off and we should head there before we are questioned by
the good folks at the base.”
    Jake tried to focus on the other individual behind Eilif.
    “Why do you need me so badly? Galbraith has dozens of
trained assassins, two divisions of mercenary armies, tons of pull in countries
all over the globe. I seem insignificant to all that.”
    “It would seem so, Mr. Monday. The only difference is that
your father is the President. Our plan is to perform a grand-scale patricide of
the current rulers of the world. In most cases it takes care of two birds:  the
ruler and the successor. However, in our case in America, it simply creates
enough of a controversy for the citizens of this appalling nation to question
their government.”
    “I see. So you expect me to kill the President.”
    “Your father.”
    “I failed once. What makes you think I will succeed now? His
security has been tripled, surely.”
    Eilif squinted.
    “Have you ever wondered why you are still alive, Mr. Monday?”
    “It hasn’t escaped my notice, yeah.”
    He reached behind him and pulled the other person who still
stood in the backdrop of bright light.
    “It has something to do with your half-sister,” Eilif
    Giselle stepped forward, her eyes staring blankly ahead.
    “Your mother would be so proud to see you two working
together again,” Eilif said.
    “My mother? I don’t understand.”
    “Of course not. Your mother and I conceived Giselle.”
    “But, how?” Jake was not sure if he was more angry, shocked,
or in denial.
    “Surely, the memory of reproduction has not been erased?”
Eilif teased.
    “But, I was an only child.”
    “The only child of Gabriel and Barbara Vine, yes. Barb and I
had a

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