Temporary Home

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Authors: Aliyah Burke
muscles, powerful arms, warm skin that smelt like…
    “Aunt Roxi?”
    She blinked repeatedly as she attempted to pretend she’d not lost track of what Eric had been saying. Unfortunately she had.
    “Sorry, Eric. What did you say?” She glanced at him.
    “You seemed lost. I wanted to see if you were okay?”
    Shutting off the engine, she gave him a smile. “I’m fine. Let’s go so you can change then play.”
    The joy on his face warmed her. Together they climbed out. Tears stung her eyes as she watched him replace his cover then grab his bag. Sam walked towards them, his gaze lingering over her before moving to the young man who’d joined her at the front of her SUV.
    “Eric, this is Sam Hoch. Sam, my nephew, Eric.”
    “Very nice to meet you, sir,” Eric said, offering his hand.
    “And you.” Sam shook his hand and glanced back to her.
    “Go on, Eric. I’ll be in shortly.”
    He said farewell and hurried inside. She was again alone with Sam Hoch.
    “How are you?” she asked, not really expecting an in-depth explanation.
    “You left early this morning.” His gravelly voice made her panties wet.
    “I did. Caught an early ferry and ran some errands in Seattle before gathering Eric. How are you?”
    They walked into the garage and the second they stepped around the shelf and couldn’t be seen from the outside, she was in his arms, pressed flush to his muscular physique. Her groan of pleasure was captured by his mouth as he kissed her. His tongue swept dominatingly through the heated recess of her mouth. Stroking. Surging. Thrusting. She nearly sank boneless to the floor. Sam held her up. Body aflame, she had one thought—getting him inside her as fast as possible. He ended the kiss, dragged a knuckle down the side of her face, and gave her a passionate look, one which only reaffirmed her desire for him.
    “I’m fine.” His deep voice rasped over her.
    Yes. Yes, he was. Sam rotated and opened the door into the house.
    “I just need to put my things away.”
    Sam stared at her, not saying a word. Her nipples tightened and that insistent pulse in her sex began again. She made her way to her room only to stop outside the laundry room. The door they’d got no longer occupied a space in her garage but hung here. That’s what he’d been doing.
    Glancing from the door to Sam, she touched two fingers to her heart and mouthed, “Thank you.” His gaze warmed and he gave a sharp nod before he vanished back out into the garage.
    She skimmed her lips before sighing and entering her room. Sinking against the closed door, she breathed heavily. Sam Hoch was dangerous. Especially to her. The feel of him against her, in her, all of it risked her heart more every second.
    While she didn’t know the nitty-gritty details about how he’d grown up, Laila had said it hadn’t been easy. Her friend hadn’t said much more than that, but she got the gist of it. Sam had had it really rough. She wanted to cry for the little boy he’d been as well as the pain he’d endured, and she loved the man he’d become.
    Well, shit, she’d gone and fallen in love. No . It’s not been that long. I can’t possibly be in love with him. Could I?
    Taking a bit of time to compose herself, she went to the kitchen to bake some cookies. Ingredients gathered, she began, her gaze on the backyard. After a bit, she frowned and walked to the door. No Eric. She checked his room. Not there either. Wiping a hand on her jeans, she opened the door to the garage and looked there.
    Eric was with Sam. They were by his Dodge 2500, which Sam had pulled out and had lifted the hood on. Her nephew stood on a step ladder, watching whatever Sam did.
    Her heart clenched with emotion as she observed them together. Sam nodded every so often and, smiling, she stepped back into the house. She felt safe knowing Sam was with Eric. Quite safe.
    After the cookies were finished, she started work on supper and was lost in her own world when she glanced up to

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