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In the new world, only immortals matter…

During a routine tour to Earth, first-year cadet Catita Johns witnesses the murder of her immortal and identical twin, Ry. Killing an immortal is believed to be impossible. So, when her captain covers up the incident, he offers Catita the opportunity to unravel the mystery behind Ry’s death. Catita never measured up to her sister, in strength or kindness, but she’s done being afraid, and decides to usurp her sister’s post on the dreaded Forever Queen’s immortal army. Ridden by guilt for what happened, Catita will do whatever it takes to avenge her sister, even though impersonating an officer in the immortal army is punishable by death.

When Tek, a mercenary from Earth, is offered a job that could get him the cure his little sister needs, he jumps at the chance to atone for all those years he left her alone to fight a disease without a cure. Leaving their home for Mars, the land of the immortal brats, is a trek his sister may not survive, but this is her last shot. Tek agrees to escort the Forever Queen’s daughter back to Earth, where she’ll be forced to go into hiding. But the princess has a mission of her own, and leaving Mars isn’t an option.

As both Catita and Tek struggle to do right by their loved ones, their paths cross and they soon find themselves in the middle of a century-old feud to control the virus that gives its host immortality.

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— 2017 On The Far Side Contest Finalist

— BookLife Prize in Fiction Semi-Finalist 2016. Here’s the Critic’s Report from a Publishers Weekly reviewer.

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